Norwegian Beauty Secret of Cats [The Cat Chronicles]

Click! The dark amber bottle lid comes off with a snap. I slowly pour and the little cat springs onto the counter in a smooth soundless motion. Sniff! Sniff! Sniff! Familiar... but from where, where? Holding the full tablespoon with one hand, I replace the lid with the other. It was a port! Somewhere! Purrr …

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"Yes, that one from Costa Rica. Just a small size, please.""You sure? The next size up is almost the same price.""That's probably more coffee than I need, but why not live on the edge."Handing him my card, the total flashes in green light on the register screen. "Is that right? I think it's a mistake.""This …

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Perimeter Breach! (The Cat Chronicles)

"Felix, it's okay. Come enjoy the sunrise." Perimeter breach! Sector 7! "Whatever it is, we're safe." How did you survive until now?! "Whatever is over there isn't a threat to us." Sector 2! Now Sector 3! Stay where you are Miz D! "Honey Bunny, come have some breakfast..." Run! Run while I hold them off! …

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