It’s a Wonderful World

Source: Unknown
Source: Unknown

Follow your bliss.

The DJ’s froggy croaky voice makes me smile.  Too much wine-women-and-song the night before.  Haha.  Follow your bliss.

The threshold to countless worlds. 

I pause at the threshold–the gates to countless worlds.  There is a hush among us; even the security guards move quietly, respectfully.

Which keys do I want today? Unlocking the doors to…

The Metaphysical Poets?
– My favorite.

The Art of the Racing Motorcycle?
– Yes, please.

Cooking with Julia Child?
– She continues to inspire.

Folk, Blues and Roots Music?
– Take me back, baby.

Living with Mental Illness?
– Hmm.

The Controversial Olympics?
– Okay.

Gently, I place my selections on the old mahogany desk.  I pull the brass chain on the little green reading lamp.  Others glance around and then quickly settle back to their own explorations.

It’s a wonderful world.


–What makes your world wonderful?


[Photo: Source unknown]

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