How to Make a New Start


Life is all about new beginnings.  When we think of making a new start we usually think of major life changes.  The sheer magnitude of a major life change can stop us in our tracks: where do we even begin?  We can take a little hop, skip or jump without re-inventing our wheel.

Today is the beginning of anything you want. 

What If? 

When you were five you wanted to be an astronaut.  Instead, realities of finances and assorted obligations pushed that dream to the side.  Decades later you can’t help but wonder, “What if?”  Okay.  Have you visited your local planetarium?  Audited college classes?  Maybe subscribe to the Journal of Astronomy Education and Outreach and start exploring the myriad of opportunities in the field.

Golden Handcuffs

You day-dream of breaking free from your “golden handcuffs” and ditching your lucrative career to live in a cottage surrounded by strawberry fields.  You can inch your way closer by shopping at farmers’ markets and talking with people who make their livings in fields.  Maybe start a side business consulting on the farmers’ SEO or helping with local promotions.

Naked Bongos on the Beach

You’ve been playing bongos naked on the beach, teaching surfing during the day and loving that you’re living the dream.  But you always wondered about the rush of being a commodity trader.  Since you skipped college for sand, surf and sun, a good first step may be to contact the National Futures Association.  A business degree isn’t required, but it wouldn’t hurt to take an Intro to Business class to gauge your interest in going that route.  (And vice versa, if naked bongos on the beach and surfing sounds too good to be true.)

Possibilities are limitless. 

While we may not always get to do what we want, when we want, how we want, the possibilities for our lives are limitless.  They may not always take the shape, timeline or direction we imagine, but don’t mistake that for limitations.

We can make a new start today.  In any direction we choose.  Take the first step.  Take action.  Then take another step and build on that first action.  Keep going.  You’ll see changes develop and new opportunities emerge.  If you continue, and if you want, this is how you can change your whole life.

Take that first step.

Today is the beginning of anything you want.  Take that first step.  Make a new start.


–What are your ideas for making a new start?


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