Get the Good Hot Sauce


Today is the day to be good to yourself. 

  • Book your trip to that all-inclusive.  Even if you haven’t been able to sync your schedule to those of your friends, go on your own and make new friends.
  • Set aside time to play your video games.  You know that the universe won’t master itself.
  • Get that new hairstyle/color.  You’ve been wanting it for two months so stop worrying that it isn’t age-appropriate, PTA-appropriate or street cred-appropriate.
  • Wear the glitter nail polish.  A little wild for you to be sure, but times have changed.  If anyone even notices take it as a compliment.
  • Get the good hot sauce.  You’re taking items out of your grocery cart and putting them back, remembering that the microwave blew up, the ’69 Camaro needs a new transmission and the raccoon party in your basement will cost $3,000 and a municipal task force to relocate.  Get the good hot sauce anyway.

Life is better lived in luxury.

Luxury is about living a good life.  That means taking care of yourself and giving yourself reasons to smile.  Sometimes only the good hot sauce will do.


What do you think?

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