Born to Be Alive (Vinyl)


Why are we here? What’s it all for?

We were born to be, alive
We were born to be, alive

[“Born to Be Alive,” by Patrick Hernandez. Original release: Born to Be Alive, 1979. Written by Patrick Hernandez in 1978.]

Song Credits:

Bruno Castellucci (Drums); J. Coolen (Trumpet); Guy de Lo (Arranger, Conductor, Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Piano); Alan Feingold (Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Piano); Patrick Hernandez (Arranger, Composer, Primary Artist, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals, Vocals (Background)); Rich Keller (Bass Guitar); Pietro Lacirignola (Saxophone); Dan Lanksman (Synthesizer); C. Lerouge (Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, Organ, Piano); P. Marchese (Bass, Bass Guitar); Kenny Mims (Guitar); Kevin Mulligan (Guitar (Electric)); J. Munaffo (Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)); Jean-Pierre Onraedt (Drums); A. Speguel (Strings, Leader); Herve Tholance (Arranger, Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocal Arrangement, Vocals, Vocals (Background)); J. M. Tourny (Oboe); J. Troud (Drums); W. Vandewaele (Brass, Brass Conductor); J. Wampach (Percussion, Tambourine, Timbales).

Jim Dougherty (Mixing); Pierre Dupriez (Engineer); Joe Neil (Engineer); Jean Trenchant (Engineer, Mixing); Jean Vanloo (Producer).


Video from youtube user Fredy Amezquita


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