Drumbeat through Time

The air is dense and heavy as you slowly sink into the darkness.  The path had given way silently; there was nothing for you to grasp, nothing to save you.

Finally.  Freedom.

Weightless, painless, a smile curves at your lips.  Why had you ever been afraid?

A drumbeat dancing you through time.  Crashing through dimensions, the sound of rolling thunder.  A million heartbeats whirling around you, pulling you closer.

Shrieking.  Demons?  The gods.

Suddenly–rushing thudding paralyzing–your bones, your flesh.  Wet blue eyes staring through your soul.  Dance with me, beautiful.  Dance me to the edge of oblivion.



6 thoughts on “Drumbeat through Time

  1. Hi Scott,
    Thank you! I don’t know where this one came from. I had plans for something quite different, but this is what wanted to be written. Eventually, I stopped struggling and went with it.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Have you written about it?


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