A Spiritual Love Story, by billkorich (moved from comments section of my Introduction)

billkorich left this comment on my Introduction page.  It warrants its own post, so I’ve moved it here.  Thank you for sharing your love story, Bill.

Book # one–“A Spiritual Love Story” met her–blind date– 9 P.M Saturday–I had her home by 11 P.M–met her the next day–Sunday–Chicken dinner at her parents–we excused our selves–went to Miller park–Bloomington, Il. the time is 3:14 P.M–I said ( for the first time) Wanda I love you– will you marry me–“Yes”–then we had our First Kiss–Married when I got back from Germany–married for 59 years.
Thank You Lord–“Amen”
God Bless Bill.

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