Stan’s favorite block!  He caught her scent as they turned the corner.  He ignored the people petting him as he trotted along; running shoes, sandals, dress shoes, hey cowboy boots (!), but no, he couldn’t care about any of it.  Come on!  Why was The Guy so slow?  Didn’t he know?  They were approaching the best place in the world:  her hot dog truck!

She felt a tickle on her leg.  Stan!  He must have run across the street to come up behind her like that.  She scratched his ear and retrieved a smokie from the cooler for him.  She cut it into smaller pieces to make it last a few seconds longer.  She placed it in front of him along with a dish of cold purified water.  OMIGODILOVEYOU!  He jumped up and kissed her leg then promptly licked the plate clean.

Slurping up some water, he sat in the sun; his wagging tail sweeping the sidewalk.  Ah, life was good.  The Guy was saying something to her.  She smiled and laughed.  Then she put another plate of goodness in front of him.  Omig–!  Wait!  Stop!  Ack!  He dropped it to the ground.  He looked at her, bewildered.  He pushed at it with his paw.  He tried sniffing, but no, he couldn’t do it.

The Guy laughed.  Stan looked at him.  What were they doing?  He was in danger of losing the lingering smokie goodness with the smell of…whatever this was.  He wanted no part of it.  He turned away, sitting with his back to them both.

“I guess that’s a ‘no’ to tofu smokies?”  She smiled at Stan’s back.  Reaching into the cooler again, she retrieved a proper smokie.  She prepared a plate with a bit of cheese and chili to make amends.  She scratched his ear.  He turned a little, just enough to give her hand the tiniest of licks.

Oh!  What was that?  Stan sniffed the air.  He looked down.  He jumped up, spun around in the air, and landed with his paws on either side of the plate.  Omigodthisissogood!  Omigodiloveyou!  The Guy wiped at the water spilled on his shoe.  Stan came up for air and looked at The Guy.  Then he sat down heavily beside her, pressed up against her leg.  Let’s bring her with us.  Snarf.


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