To forgive is divine.  This we believe.

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.   This we learn.

We often overlook the most profound form of forgiveness: forgiving ourselves.  We may forgive others readily, even wholeheartedly, and not give ourselves a second thought.

Forgiving ourselves.

How often do you treat yourself with unrelenting harshness?  You made a mistake.  You made a big mistake.  You should have known better.  You did know better.  Why didn’t you know better?

You behaved badly.  You were thoughtless.  You caused someone pain.  You were selfish.  You were cruel.  You were vindictive.  You were out for blood.

What’s wrong with you?  It’s all your fault.  You’re a bad person.  You don’t deserve happiness.

Do you hear yourself?  Or are you so accustomed to self-criticism that it’s merely part of your psychic makeup?

Stop it.

By all means, look at your mistakes.  Learn from them.  Apologize when you do wrong.  Own it.  Don’t do it again.  Make amends, if necessary.  Then, do forgive yourself.

Why is forgiving yourself so important?

Unrelenting self-punishment accomplishes nothing.  Nothing.  Total waste of energy.  If you did something that bad, then put this energy into making it right.  Maybe it will take a long time.  Put that energy into the long timeline.

What will happen if you forgive yourself?

The world will end and it will be all your fault.  Just kidding.

Your life will open up.  Spinning your wheels in the mire of wrongdoing simply holds you in one spot.

Add beauty.

Besides, there is enough suffering in the world.  Don’t add to it.  Choose beauty instead.



29 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. You nailed it. Forgiving one’s self has to happen. A peaceful mind cannot harbor any guilt. So like you said, make amends if you need to, clean up your side of the street and then let it go. Great post

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    1. Thanks, Mark! You are absolutely right. A peaceful mind is important to quality of life. Wouldn’t the ripple effect be amazing if all the energy given to guilt were channelled into something more productive?


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        1. Excellent question! The answer would depend on the circumstances and the individuals involved. In some instances it would be more difficult to ask for forgiveness; in others it would be more difficult to forgive. For some people it is more difficult to ask for forgiveness than to forgive; for others it is more difficult to forgive. In general, I’d say it’s more difficult to ask for forgiveness. What do you think?


  3. H!, The feeling of forgiveness, Joy, in the air I breath, and see the light of day, what a Joy to witness the movement, the Moon and Stars, in the darkness of night, in the Heavens above, Joy will reduce and conquer the battles of frustration, drama and burdens of life, What a Joy it is, to see a gentle breeze of forgiveness, drifting by in the rays of sun shine, as it penetrates, my heart and soul .
    Honest it does
    Thank You Lord–“Amen”

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    1. That’s beautiful, Bill. A gentle breeze of forgiveness. What a wonderful image. Your words read like poetry: “gentle breeze of forgiveness, drifting by in the rays of sun shine, as it penetrates, my heart and soul….” Thank you 🙂


  4. H!, I love it.”Living a Beautiful Life” I can only imagine reading your Voice of Words. The beauty of your smile, is my dream for the day, the sparkle in your eyes, is like a Galaxy of Stars, that turns the darkness of night, to the light of the day, Honest you do, the movement of your body, is like a gentle breeze, that flows in the darkness of night, that gently lays, on the crest of the moon, with the passion of love, a gift from God, for the rest of your life,
    Honest You Are.
    Thank You Lord–“Amen”
    Now I can lay my head down to sleep, and praise the Lord, my soul to keep.
    Good Night

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