My Illicit Love Affair

I love books.  Physical books.  The weight of a book in my hands, the feel of the pages as I turn them, one by one.  Then there is the content…

Oh, the places I’ve been and thoughts I’ve explored
The people I’ve met and experiences I’ve adored

I’ve been slowly enticed and suddenly shoved
Into worlds deep and wide, all there to be loved

I’ve been led astray and carried back to myself
All this and more, sorted and lined on a shelf

The match is struck, the flames slowly burn
For my own good, this morality I must learn

Dangerous messages and another bad word
Should never be read, lest they be heard

Censor my ideas, for my own good
Kill my thoughts, if only you could

Show me the sin in my lifelong affair
Words and ideas that I shouldn’t dare

Protect me from dangers, what are they again?
The ALA and libraries list the top ten

When a book is seized from my hand
The OIF can help me take a stand



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