Is the Sky Really Fallin’

Heavy boots kicking up dirt on the streets, the house crashing down behind him.  How the hell did this happen?

Past the peep shows, the hustlers and pushers; the darkening rustling in the alleys.  Past the garbage, the stench, the needles.  Crumpled numbers scurried across his boots.

Suddenly, he was in front of the gym.  Did he still have his key?  3:00 am.  The brick-lined room was quiet.  He flicked on the brash lights, humming overhead.  He dropped his belt and survival gear, the thud reverberating through the room.

He laced up his gloves, faded and battle-scarred.  He kicked away the mat for the cold concrete floor.

The heavy bag swung back and he hit, head-on.  Again.

Again.  Pain flashed through his fists and up his arms.  Again.  His pulse thumped; his temple throbbed.

The chains rattled overhead.  His fists a blur in the smoky mirror, his hair plastered to his skin, sweat running down his spine.  His breath ragged, his knuckles hot; he caught the scent of blood.

A satisfied smile danced in the shadows of his face:  Bitch.

Suddenly, he dropped his fists.  Hanging his head, his rushing blood slowed as he caught his breath.

Is the sky really fallin’
Or does it just seem that way
Where’s my reasons for livin’
Have they all slipped away

Burning…. No!  He squeezed his eyes shut until the rushing blood thundered through his body, crashing over his thoughts.


[Lyrics in italics, from “Comin’ Right Down On Top Of Me” by April Wine.  Written by Myles Goodwin.  Original release:  First Glance, 1978.]

April Wine:

Myles Goodwin (lead and backing vocals, guitar, keyboards); Brian Greenway (lead and backing vocals, guitar, slide guitar, harmonica); Steve Lang (bass, backing vocals); Jerry Mercer (drums, percussion); Gary Moffet (guitar, slide guitar).



11 thoughts on “Is the Sky Really Fallin’

    1. Thank you, Frank! It was intense to write. I needed to step into the cool air outside and have a coffee afterward 🙂 I love that song! “Isn’t it a pity, isn’t it a shame, no one ever warned the boy, rock n roll is a vicious game”. Great performance.
      Thanks for the invitation to your blog party this weekend! Is it possible for me to reblog your comment/invite? I’ll look into it….


  1. This is great, you captured the feel of the gym, the intensity of his training equalled only by the intensity of his feelings. Thanks for pointing me towards this, as you know, training is probably the only time I switch off at the minute. Due to my very complicated split from my wife, im not and not sure I will ever be at stage where I can utter “bitch” while punching, might be better for me if I could….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Norm! I’m really glad you like it, especially given your own training. This post comes from a dark place…from what I’ve read of your blog, darker than you and where you’re at. That’s a good thing :).
      Wishing you continued strength through your own falling sky….


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