Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Live)

Ready?  Shift into gear — ready!  We were born ready.  ‘Cause, baby, we were born lonely, down by the riverside — and you know we ain’t shy.

The Bob Seger System kicks off our week with Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man.  This live performance looks like it could be from 1969, shortly after the debut album release.  Gotta keep movin’ never gonna slow down!

Original lyrics and song credits, below.  Here’s a story for you in a separate post.  Enjoy!

Yeah, gonna tell my tale
Come on
Come on
Give a listen

‘Cause I was born lonely
Down by the riverside
Learned to spin fortune wheel
And throw dice

I was just thirteen
When I had to leave home
Knew I couldn’t stick around
I had to roam

Ain’t good lookin’
But you know I ain’t shy
Ain’t afraid to look a girl
In the eye

So if you need some lovin’
And you need it right away
Take a little time out
And maybe I’ll stay

But I got to ramble, ramblin’ man
Gamble, gamblin’ man
Got to, got to ramble, ramblin’ man
I was born a ramblin’ gamblin’ man

Bring it on, come on now
Here we go, now, now, now

Hope you got money
‘Cause you know, need some
Ain’t gonna run on lovin’
I must run

Gotta keep movin’
Never gonna slow down
You can have your funky world
See ya ’round

‘Cause I got to ramble, ramblin’ man
I got to gamble, gamblin’ man
I got to ramble, ramblin’ man
I was born a ramblin’ gamblin’ man

[“Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man,” by The Bob Seger System.  Written by: Bob Seger.  Original release: Tales of Lucy Blue / Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, 1969.]

The Bob Seger System, original song credits:  Bob Seger (guitar, lead vocals, piano, organ); Glenn Frey (guitar (acoustic), vocals); Dan Honaker (bass, vocals); Pep Perrine (drums, vocals); Bob Schultz (organ).


Video posted to youtube by user Ramhead



15 thoughts on “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Live)

    1. The early footage is good, isn’t it? I’ve heard that he always puts on an excellent show, although I haven’t seen him. I like that Glenn Frey joined in on guitar and vocals for this track. There is so much great musicianship out of Detroit. Maybe there’s something in the water 🙂

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      1. I’ve seen him twice. Excellent shows both times. One time was at Cobo Hall, where his “Live Bullet” album was recorded, although I wasn’t at that specific show. Early in his career, he played at the high school I graduated from. I was far too young to go back then, but everybody still talked about it all the time.

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          1. I never heard that version … but hope to find it later … short day online for me today, plus I’m in the midst of Life: The Musical (Act 12). Have you attended any of my musicals? Come over … check it out … you’ll figure it out … and this is an easy act for learning what to do.

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