Need More to Love this Week? (#1)

Here is a sampling of my favorite posts this week.  Some of them were posted this week, others are older posts that I discovered this week.  In no particular order:

1) Aruna at Ripples n Reflections completed the 100 Happy Days Challenge and wrote about her experience.  Aruna continues to inspire.

2) François-Xavier at WW1Photographs shares Tofane.  His photograph and postcard collection is wonderful and offers unique glimpses into a significant time in history.

3) coralmccallum describes how dreams come true in The Night that Was Meant to Be.  It involves Slash, so a special thank you for that.

4) Toritto shares a poem Until It’s Taken.  This should be turned into a theme song with a strong bassline.

5) caitlinbosworth’s image Brought to Shore.  I see so many stories in it.  I just discovered her blog and am looking forward to more.

6) Suzie81 at Suzie81 Speaks reminds us of Nine Things We Don’t Owe Anybody.  Your own list may be a bit different, and it’s worth re-visiting as you create your beautiful life.

7) Frank at aFrankAngle is hosting Life: The Musical (Act 12).  Act 12 features songs with love in the title.  Stop by, check it out, Frank is a great host.



22 thoughts on “Need More to Love this Week? (#1)

  1. H!, I really–really like your feed back–why–I am not a writer , poet, art’s even though, I; have two books publish, “A Spiritual Love Story” & Courage and Strength , One day at a Time–both on Kendal. Living a beautiful new life of 9 years–12/10/05–typing skill one hand, one finger, one good eye.

    Thank You Lord–for all my 88 years–“Amen”

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          1. I hope history will say that even as the political leadership became more corrupt the people used new communications technology to spread the democratic ideal which eventually resulted in a political system
            that shifted it’s focus from self serving libertarianism to democracy, universal access to education and healthcare and global human rights. But I’m a dreamer…:)

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