One Day with a Great Teacher

I came across a quote today: “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” A Tweep (@UXHow) said this is a Japanese proverb and I’ll take his word for it.

I like it.  As I contemplated, I was reminded of a chance meeting some time ago.  She didn’t hold herself out to be a great teacher; she was at a coffee shop enjoying chocolate cheesecake, valium and espresso.  She was somewhere in her 80s.

We got to talking, as strangers do, and she shared with me her most significant life lesson:  to love.  That’s it.  Was love the most important thing in life?  Yes.  To the exclusion of all else?  Yes.  If we’re wise we’ll recognize and cherish it.

This didn’t, however, mean unfailingly relinquishing other important things at the altar of love.  Sometimes we are not meant to hold love closely, or hold it for long; instead, we are meant to appreciate it for what it is and release it.  Despite how it may sometimes appear, the love stays with us.

If I studied the topic diligently for a thousand days would I come to this lesson?  Probably.  But it wouldn’t be the delight that is my memory of this colorful woman.  I was also spared the toll of a thousand days.  The Japanese were right, this great teacher was better.



8 thoughts on “One Day with a Great Teacher

  1. Danica.. when at school I hated all teachers, actually even today I hate them, but this must be because they were not good teachers… yet in my first year at Varsity I had a maths teacher or lecturer that was brilliant and taught me a lot… yet he was not a great teacher… maybe teachers in life lessons are different to those in school lessons…

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    1. Hi Bulldog,
      Yes, it must be that they weren’t good teachers. At least one taught you a lot. You raise an excellent point, that teachers in life lessons are different to those in school lessons. Interestingly, when I contemplated this proverb I didn’t even think of school teachers. Thanks, Bulldog 🙂


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