Evil Eye

Guess what I found while I was re-organizing?  An evil eye charm.

What is the evil eye?

The beliefs surrounding the evil eye are found in many cultures worldwide, with histories dating back to the ancients.  The evil eye has also been incorporated into more modern traditions and customs.

What does the evil eye charm do?

An evil eye charm is believed to provide protection from misfortune.  Traditionally, the evil eye charm is supposed to deflect various evils transferred through eyes of those harboring malevolent thoughts or feelings, which in turn cause harm, distress or bad luck.

A long-ago gift

I hadn’t thought of this charm since I-can’t-remember-when.  It was a gift I received long ago….

I remember when you gave it to me.  I didn’t know what it was but thought anything called an evil eye was a strange gift.  You explained that it was to protect me and keep me safe, especially when you couldn’t be with me.

So, does it work?

Good question.  I’m still here and pretty much in one piece…so, yes?

Looking at the charm brings back wonderful memories and makes me smile.  Someone special wanted me to keep this gift close, always, and to stay safe and well in this great big beautiful world.  So, yes, it definitely works.



10 thoughts on “Evil Eye

    1. Hi Frank! Yes, it’s similar to the one in the 2nd row 2nd one in. I didn’t realize they were available in so many different styles. There’s something for everyone and to suit every occasion!


  1. funny you bring up the evil eye. last night my wife and I were in NYC and she has a small blue evil eye she got from a street vendor in Lambertville a couple years ago. it fell off her bag yesterday and disappeared. she looked for it while we sat in a restaurant. and suddenly it was found. it had fallen into an outer pocket. my evil eye is on my bedstand. so far, good fortune.

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    1. That is good fortune! I’m glad that you’re both still protected. I wonder what it means if one is lost forever? Maybe it just brings good fortune to the one who finds it? I hope you had a wonderful time in NYC.


    1. Hi Michael, as the ever-wise ‘they’ say it’s never too late although I can’t imagine that you’d get those looks. Let me know how it goes and what you think. Glad you like this one and thanks, always, for stopping by 🙂


    1. You must be right, Aruna! I didn’t post a picture but the first comment by aFrankAngle includes a link to a variety of evil eye charms and I mention the one similar to mine. The thoughts behind the evil eye charms are wonderful, aren’t they?


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