Reach Out and Touch Faith

He spreads his arms as he skims over the swaying crowd.  Floating.

Feeling unknown

The soul-crushing pain gives way to weightlessness.  Release.

And you’re all alone

He closes his eyes, his smile reaching through his darkest recesses.  Peace.

Flesh and bone

The vast darkness punctuated by rhythmic strobes.  Light.

Take second best

Guitar riffs resonating through his cells.  Electric.

Put me to the test

The drums thumping waves through the arena.  Heartbeat.

Things on your chest

Get me through this and I’ll be a better person.  Promise.

You need to confess

The laughter escapes before he can stop himself.  Payback?

I will deliver

Roars from the crowd carry him across the floor and back.  Home.

You know I’m a forgiver

The slow fall.  Finally.

Reach out and touch faith

A voice cuts through the fog.  What?

Someone to hear your prayers

“You’re lucky.  Some raccoons tripped the alarm.  Don’t work by yourself on a Friday night again.”

Someone who’s there

I’m alive?  You’re kidding.  I guess I won’t shoot those little b*stards anymore.

Reach out and touch faith


[Lyrics in italics, from: “Personal Jesus,” by Depeche Mode.  Written by:  Martin Gore.  Original release, single: 1989.  Original album release:  Violator, 1990.]



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