Need More to Love this Week? (#3)

Here is a sampling of my favorite posts this week.  Some of them were posted this week, others are older posts that I enjoyed this week.  In no particular order:

1)  H at hschlagen shares his drawings in his series My Blakean Year, including Death on the Blanket.

2)  Allyson at allysonbcallahan writes about the madness inside in Semblance of a Poem.

3)  Rob at robertmgoldstein reveals an often-overlooked world in his photograph Transformation.

4)  Pamela at inthegazeoftheother shares thoughts on a self-described shadow writer in I am not Susan Sontag.

5)  James at audiosexxx takes some photos from the Hubble telescope and creates The Universe is a Void Screaming to be Filled.

6)  Blue290 at lastminuteman writes about going out into the world and exploring again in Other Roads.

7)  Black Mutts at blackmutts shares a Lime photo and poem in Gone But Not Forgotten.

8)  Charles at charles1958 contemplates images coalescing and running wild in Mind Works.

9)  Ryan at ryantyrl takes us on a walk through the French Quarter, New Orleans in French Quarter Photowalk Continued…..

10)  Katy at bonesdontlie discusses the meaning of the large number of skulls recovered by archaeologists near London, dating to the Roman occupation of England, in The Headless Romans: Headhunting, Defeated Gladiators or Natural River Movement?



17 thoughts on “Need More to Love this Week? (#3)

    1. Hi H, I’m really enjoying your Blakean Year series, among others at your blog. I also admire your commitment and dedication to this project and your art in general. Many others feel the same way and I hope more will experience your work.

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