Need More to Love this Week? (#4)

Here is a sampling of my favorite posts this week.  Some of them were posted this week, others are older posts that I enjoyed this week.  In no particular order:

1)  Transmissions to Earth at transmissionstoearth considers the meaning of community in Land of Transparency.

2)  Moses Oghenegare Kelvin at fictionlimbo fights Corruption and a corrupt politician in Holy shit! Someone robbed Santa!!!

3)  Landred Vhael at vortithiryx explores idealism among other concepts in The Weight of Our Tears.

4)  Lee Ann at mylifeingratitude guides us through an exercise in wishes in Wish Maker.

5)  Bert0001 at whoisbert explains how we can save ourselves while the moon gets into a tidal lock in how to engage the silence.

6)  Esther at hortusclosus shares a painting and poem contemplating Knowledge.

7)  David at David Snape’s blog – An ordinary guy with Autism shares what he appreciates in Appreciation my word of the year.

8)  Debauchery Soup at debaucherysoup is on a mission to find her happy (it fell off) in Musings from the Couch — Not the Laundromat.

9)  Daydreams and Echoes at daydreamsandechoes contemplates tagging in Attach Tag Here.

10)  Sal at salstravelbox shows us how to enjoy coffee around the world in Friday’s Seven: 7 Different Ways to Drink Coffee from Around the World.



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