Angels among Us

The city is bustling with activity as everyone prepares for the holidays.  Speakers hanging in one storefront greet me with a tinny broadcast of a song about angels.  I thought of an instance when I saw the world change.  It was some time ago and I’m not sure what brought it to mind.  Maybe something to do with angels.

It was a dark and stormy night.  (Just kidding.)  But it was dark and pouring rain.  And cold.  Kind of like sleet-rain.  I was standing at a crosswalk with my friend.  We were waiting for the light to change.

In the crosswalk, blocking the flow of traffic, was a figure struggling with a shopping cart.  He was wearing a torn plastic rain poncho and water streamed from his beard.  The squeaky wheels of the cart were getting stuck in the cracks and holes in the pavement.  The cart was overloaded; he was living out of this shopping cart.

Drivers were honking their horns; everyone was impatient and irritated at the prospect of missing the light because of this homeless person.  They turned up their heaters and windshield wipers, cursing him under their breath.  I could almost hear them.

Suddenly, my friend tossed her bags at me and dashed out into the crosswalk.  She grabbed hold of the front of the shopping cart and pulled, while the soaked poncho man continued to push.

Immediately, everything shifted.  The cars stopped honking.  A bus driver turned to watch her.

Within moments, my friend and the poncho man made it to the other side of the street.  Together, they hauled the heavy cart over the curb.

A taxi driver waited until they were over the curb before turning (unprecedented!) and people at the crosswalk smiled.

Angels do walk among us, I thought.  And they’re changing the world.



8 thoughts on “Angels among Us

    1. Hi Rich! I’m glad you like this one and I agree with you: the older we get the more we appreciate small acts of decency. Your comment made me think of the Bob Seger song, Shame on the Moon. In particular, “Hey watch where you’re goin’ / Step light on old toes / ‘Cause until you’ve been beside a man / You don’t know who he knows”. The more we experience life, the more we understand how one moment, one action, can have an impact. Thanks, as always, for stopping by 🙂


  1. Good afternoon Danica – This is a wonderful post. Humanity shining its brightest moments. Please give your friend a hug for those of us who have been enlightened by your story. And I thank you profusely for sharing it with us. As I’ve written at the end of several of my poems of similar situations… “If you see me amongst them – please don’t pass me by”….
    Have a beautiful evening and thank you for brightening my day.

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    1. Thanks so much, Michael! I started writing then deleted and paused, contemplating how to tell a story about angels. Still undecided, I started again with this memory. As I was writing, I realized I didn’t need to do anything more than tell this simple story. It speaks for itself, doesn’t it? I stood there smiling, thinking, “Yes, that’s my friend.” By the way, I understand that it’s not always meant as literal, but I’m sure that nobody could pass you by. Thanks again, Michael, and have a wonderful evening.


      1. Yes, it does speak very perfectly for itself. Beautifully written. My ‘don’t pass me by’ is just my way of expressing what so many others cannot, with the hope of causing those who can to lend them a hand. Although there have been numerous times in my life when I was very close to literally being amongst them. If I were, I would hope that I could find people like you and your friend nearby. Compassion is a beautiful thing…

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        1. Thank you for your kind words, Michael. Your poetry, stories and comments affect your readers and “don’t pass me by” is sure to resonate with them. You are right: compassion is a beautiful thing. I hope that it is with you, always. You and your writing make the world a better place, and we can hope that the chain reaction is one of lending a hand.

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