Try Not to Be an A**hole Today

‘Tis the season for resolutions!

We need a new you!

Among our goals, how many of us resolve to be a better person?  To be more virtuous?  More kind, generous, thoughtful, caring, patient, calm, aware?

How do we build a better you?

We should walk a mile in another’s shoes, think before we speak, be more in the moment, not sweat the small stuff, send good thoughts out into the world, look at ourselves before we criticize others, consider problems as opportunities, be happy with who we are and what we have, complain less and appreciate more, help those less fortunate, contribute meaningfully to our community — all while maintaining a positive outlook.

But, we’re already overloaded!

The lists are long and complex, aren’t they?  Do we really want to add these goals to our often already over-extended selves?

Yes!  Yes, we do.

The numbers indicate that a great many of us want to achieve these types of goals.

The $10-billion self-improvement industry

While estimates vary, there is consensus that the self-improvement industry is valued in excess of $10 billion.

There are approximately 200,000 self-help books published annually.  In addition to our reading we need seminars, retreats, coaching, guided meditation and support groups.

Building a new you can be an overwhelming project for many.  So, resolutions stall out and we feel disappointed in ourselves for failing.  Now, we’re in a worse position than when we first set our goals.

How about a simple mantra instead?

A friend once told me of his daily routine.  He gets up in the morning.  He looks in the mirror.  He tells himself:  “Try not to be an a**hole today.”

I laughed and loved it.

He explained:  “If I can make it through the day, come home, and know that I wasn’t an a**hole then it was a good day.  I was the person I want to be.  Then I’m happy.”

Less a**hole; more beauty

It’s a simple exercise and easy to remember.  Maybe not so easy to implement all the time.  But, if we could all do this for just one instance in our day how much more beautiful would life be?



12 thoughts on “Try Not to Be an A**hole Today

  1. Another wonderful post, Danica. For most of my adult life my goal has been to be pleasant to people as often as possible, which in many ways is the same as trying not to be an a-hole. The fact that I constantly run into a-holes makes it clear that not enough people subscribe to this way of thinking. Ian’s suggestion of a t-shirt with that slogan could remedy that situation. You may have started a movement here.

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    1. Thanks so much, Rich! Being pleasant to people is a commendable goal, and even more challenging than trying not to be an a-hole. I’d be delighted if t-shirts with the slogan “Try Not To Be An A**hole Today” signalled the start of a movement. You and Ian would have to create the soundtrack!

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