Touchdown, Baby!

Another great play by Green Bay!  The players’ talent is undeniable but I always look to the coaching.  McCarthy is an impressive coach by any standard, even one following in the footsteps of a legend.

Poetry in motion

Wow, what a game today!  Watching outstanding football plays is like watching poetry in motion.  With more yelling and spilled draft beer.

While the Cowboys are nothing to sneeze at, I hear myself cheering for Green Bay.  Is it because of Aaron Rodgers?  Sam Shields?  Eddie Lacy?  No.  It’s the legendary Vince Lombardi.

Leave no regrets on the field

Arguably the best professional sports coach in history, Vince Lombardi was also very eloquent.  My favorite among his quotes is, “Leave no regrets on the field.”

The full quote is:

His greatest fulfilment to all he holds dear is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious!  Leave no regrets on the field.

Shouldn’t we all live like this?

What would our lives look like if we left no regrets on our fields?  Whether we’re a pilot, courier, bookkeeper, dog walker, chef, framer, rodeo cowboy, makeup artist, landscaper, tour guide operator.  What if we worked our hearts out for our own good cause?

Glorious on our fields of battle

At the end of the day, the close of the project, the conclusion of the deal, the championship final — we’d lie exhausted on our fields of battle knowing we couldn’t have given anything more.  How glorious.

If we lived this way, no matter the outcome, we’d have no regrets.  There can be no better way to live.

Stellar coaching for a beautiful life

Luckily for us, we have the greatest coach of all-time in our corner.  How can we lose?

Touchdown, baby!



10 thoughts on “Touchdown, Baby!

  1. About coaches, and the game in general.
    And “The Game” in general:
    an awful lot of games are actually decided during half-time, when the Coach and his staff can assess what’s gone right, what’s gone wrong, how to do more of one of those and less of the other.
    It’s about adapting, changing the game plan, staying flexible.
    More politicians need to realize this.
    Many of us do.

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    1. Hi Prodigal Orphan!
      That’s an excellent point — thank you. You’re right about half-time and what’s required of effective coaching.
      I like your analogy to life. It’s important for all of us to adapt, change the game plan, and stay flexible. It’s not always easy, is it?
      Thanks again 🙂

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      1. Well kid, I got a whole bunch of “Life is Baseball, Baseball is Life” analogies I used to break out for my team when I was coaching Little League, but it’s out of season so gotta stick with the gridiron.
        By the way:
        anybody have John Fox’s e-mail address?
        I’d like to forward these thoughts to him.

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          1. Yeah, I read about Coach Fox on ESPN and The Sporting News.
            New York Post broke the story?
            Surprised they didn’t blame the loss on Bill de Blasio.

            And, just for starters:
            “I’ve seen more games won by a perfectly executed slap-in-the-gap single in the fifth inning than by a mammoth shot into the cheap seats in the bottom of the ninth.
            “And you guys ain’t gonna pass your Algebra final if you wait to the night before to study.”

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            1. It looks that way but I’m not 100% certain. Haha that groundhog was feisty 🙂

              Your Little League must have loved those stories! Did anyone ever make that kind of shot in the bottom of the ninth? Ah yes, waiting until the night before…rarely an effective strategy!


  2. Ah ha … we know how you spent you Sunday afternoon. I watched too, although without loyalties because my team is out. Crazy play on the catch/no catch. Probably the right call, but I have a different perspective that I haven’t heard anyone mention. Bryant was lunging toward the goal … 1) the lunge caused the bobble, thus he should have focused on securing the catch … and 2) could have the lunge been considered a move after the catch? Congrats to your Packers.

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    1. Hi Frank!
      Sorry that your team is out. I like your perspective! Yes, Bryant should have focused on securing the catch. Will his signature move be re-evaluated? Interesting point #2 and I haven’t come across it either. Social media is still abuzz over the play and your point would make for interesting discussion.
      Thanks, Rodgers says he has 120 minutes left in him for the NFC title game so I’m feeling good 🙂
      Who’s your team by the way?


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