Versatile Blogger Award — Thank You!


The Versatile Blogger Award comes to me from Blue290 at Last Minute Man.  Thank you so much!  I’m delighted, honored and humbled.  Just when I was reflecting on whether my blog posts were taking too many detours….You’ve made my week!

Blue290 is an “old soul” who is trying to be a better man each day.  He writes about topics surrounding “Year 50” as well as his place in this world.  He references his extensive military deployments, what life has thrown at him and how it changed him forever.  He reflects on the good and the bad as he enjoys his Merlot and music.

Blue290’s blog is insightful, thought-provoking and often funny.  I always enjoy reading.  Thank you once again, Blue!

The rules for this award are:
° show the award on your blog
° thank the person who nominated you
° share seven facts about yourself
° nominate fifteen blogs
° link the nominees’ blogs and let them know

Seven facts about me:
° I still miss my BlackBerry
° I enjoy blogging more than I imagined I would
° I savor the stillness of early mornings
° Left to my own devices I’m a night owl
° If I could I’d read every book and poem ever written
° Music makes everything better
° I’ve been known to dance on sidewalks when nobody is around

My fifteen blog nominations:

First and foremost, I’d like to thank EVERY blogger I’m following, each one who follows me, and everyone who has commented and liked my posts.  You’ve all made my blogging experience very rewarding.  In these nominations I’m exempting blogs that are awards-free.

° Rob at Art by Rob Goldstein reminds us that there is no common truth as he shares his striking art, photography and creative writing.  His blog also features his insights into health issues, politics and society.

° J. E. Lattimer at Fictional Machines shares his talent as an artist, writer and photographer.  His work includes film and other art forms.  He’s currently working on many large projects.

° Geezer94 at Old Guy Photography shares “Old Guy Musings”, which include beautiful photography, stories, guest posts, anecdotes and memories.

° Sarah Doughty at thesarahdoughty asks us:  Do you know what it feels like to live?  She’s a novelist in urban fantasy/paranormal romance, and shares her writings filled with magic and intrigue.

° Frank at aFrankAngle shares regular features including:  Monday Morning Entertainment; On Satire Bits; Opinions in the Shorts; Saturday Morning Cartoons; Open Topics; and, my current favorites, Musicals!

° Greg at O’Driscoll’s Take on the World writes a mix of poetry, short fiction, memoir, and topical commentary.

° Crashinglessons chronicles “the art of going down in flames”.  She’s a member of the Mental Health Writers’ Guild and, in addition to mental health issues, writes about life, humanity, art, friendship and coffee.

° Rich at WHY? writes about law enforcement, the human condition, business, the Constitution, international relations, and a variety of other topics.  He draws on his 20+ years in law enforcement as well as experience in other fields.

° David at David Snape’s blog — An ordinary guy with Autism writes about his wide-ranging interests, including:  gaming; sports; friendship; family; work; and, news.  His regular blog features include “What the ####?!” and “Review of the week”.

° J. W. Hankins at scribereglyph shares his wonderful assortment of books, poetry, scripts, music, photography and artwork.

° kelzbelzphotography chronicles “the good, bad and the ugly”.  Her blog features include photography, poetry and her insights into the human condition, relationships, mental health, music, and a variety of other topics.

° Hope at Hopekenyon’s Blog shares her wide array of beautiful poetry, music lyrics and artwork.

° Norm 2.0 at miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind covers a variety of topics from short stories and opinion pieces, to travel reviews and photo essays, to recipes and woodworking projects.

° Prodigal Orphan at Nocturnal Admissions shares some of his life’s wisdom:  he figured he finally had at least almost all the the right answers, then realized he might not have asked the right questions to begin with.  He actively engages with his fellow bloggers and generously shares his (sometimes hard-won) insights and life lessons.

° Michael33 at The Vision of Poets shares his wonderful poetry and other writing.  He’ll break your heart a hundred different ways with his words.  Don’t despair, he’ll also make you laugh.  In short, there’s nothing he can’t write, beautifully and in verse, at that.


It is also understood that some nominees may prefer an awards-free blog, or are otherwise unable to accept this award at this time.  If this is the case, please accept my thanks for your contribution to my blogging experience.

Thank you once again to each and every one of you!



32 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award — Thank You!

  1. Congrats and thanks for the list of recommended bloggers, thus it’s an honor to be listed. When I get a chance, I’ll visit each of them. I invite your readers to stop by, and if they comment, I hope they say they are from here. Hey readers … I engage with those who comment and believe in reciprocating … Some thoughts about reforming education is current up, plus the next act of Life: The Musical starts Wednesday night.

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  2. Congratulations on your award . . . and thank you for your kind recommendation. Unfortunately, I am new at this and don’t know 15 bloggers to reccomend for the honor. I may at a later date be more proficient and qualified.
    I remain respectfully,

    Liked by 1 person

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