Before the Weight of Life

She called as she was going through some old boxes, still struggling to throw out the memories.

“Remember that old place?  I found a picture.  That dinner party, Devon brought the shopping cart home and you cooked using pliers and a coat hanger?”

Who needed proper kitchen utensils?  We had better things to do.  And the shopping cart…oh no.  We didn’t really do that, did we?  We laughed.

“Matt ran down the street in his underwear.”

Today’s economics students are in good hands.

“What happened to us?”

Now, things like proper kitchen utensils seem important.  Everything is so important.

“We have more problems now, bigger, more serious.”

In a way.  Now, we understand the weight of consequences that only experience can teach.

“Look at us!  We were beautiful.”

We were.  Before the weight of life.

“We’re probably better neighbors now.”

Neighbors!  Did we have any back then?



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