Stolen Moments


Enjoy the many beauties along the way.  Taste every moment of your daily life.  ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Something woke me up around 5:00 this morning.  Earlier than necessary, but why not?  I got up, prepared some coffee and switched on the radio.  After the weather forecast I turned it off in favor of silence.

Quietly leaving the house, I make my way to the 24-hour breakfast place.  Blossoms on the trees shimmer in the early morning mist.  The empty streets echo with the birds’ symphony.

“Hi sweetheart, how are you?”  A smile and complimentary coffee.  So much goodness in the world I can hardly stand it.

Back on the sidewalk, I zip my fuzzy pink jacket against the cool air.  There’s something magical about a city just before it comes to life.  Slow your mind, open your heart and let the beauty of it all wash over you.

“Heyyyy, Mami…crank?”

And we’re off.



15 thoughts on “Stolen Moments

    1. Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Thank you very much for your kind words and your visit — I’m always happy to see you! I notice that your blog is gone and there are no other links via your gravatar…do you have a new blog or are you taking a break?


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