My my my my my Boogie Shoes!

Sometimes you gotta put on your Boogie Shoes!

I was walking-dancing-singing down the sidewalk MC Hammer style when I finally noticed someone behind me.  A cyclist trying not to laugh at me, to my face anyway.  Right!  People can sometimes see me when I’m on the sidewalk.  I stopped dancing to let him pass (what’s a cyclist doing on the sidewalk?), adjusted my headphones and went back to the beginning of the song.

This song is dedicated to Geezer94 at Old Guy Photography who has a wonderful life lesson for us.  In his post The Old Guy . . . Spontaneous . . . he recounts his life-long affliction:  Spontaneous Dancing Syndrome!  Geezer94 was born to dance in his spirit and heart.  He’s a self-described Old Guy, crippled by heart disease, diabetes, and diabetic neuropathy.  Even so, all this pain can’t stop his SDS.

We should all be so lucky to have Spontaneous Dancing Syndrome!  Even if you weren’t born with it, I believe it’s a condition that can be acquired.  Put on your boogie shoes and dance!  Especially in your heart and spirit.  The world will be a better place, including yours.  If not, at least you’ll give people something to laugh at during rush hour!


[“Boogie Shoes,” by K.C. and The Sunshine Band.  Original Release:  Boogie Shoes / I Get Lifted, 1978.]

Video posted to youtube by user Dee Jay Luka



14 thoughts on “My my my my my Boogie Shoes!

  1. Ms D, wonderful read … I was tapping my foot along even though this is a very bad pain day for me. SDS can be enjoyed if only one reaches down deep and finds the courage to “Dance Like On Ones Watching” … it works wonders for replenishing the joy of your heart and spirit. Thanks for the smile!

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    1. Hi G! I’m so glad you like this one! Thanks again for your wonderful post and life lesson. That’s excellent advice on how to enjoy SDS. It does take some courage to dance like no one’s watching, doesn’t it? Replenishing the joy of your heart and spirit is so important. Otherwise, what’s it all for?

      I’m sorry that today is a bad pain day for you. Hopefully the healing powers of music, foot-tapping and smiling will help a bit. Thanks for stopping by, as always :).

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  2. Another wonderful post, Danica. Not sure what I’ve done could be considered dancing. It’s more like rhythmic flailing. You would think I should be a good dancer since I’ve played drums for more than 40 years, but the rhythm I have behind the drumkit has never translated to the dance floor. None of this stops me from boogieing under the right circumstances. Thanks for sharing this KC&TSB classic.

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    1. Thanks so much, Rich! You know, I have a hard time believing that you don’t have rhythm on the dance floor. Maybe you’re so comfortable behind the drumkit that you feel something is lacking without it? I’m so glad that you boogie anyway. Try the sidewalk sometime — maybe less pressure/familiarity than a dance floor and band environment.
      I’m happy that you like this song too :).

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  3. Those that don’t suffer from said affliction, might find themselves with “Spontaneous Singing Syndrome” or “Spontaneous Singing in the Car Syndrome.” Both have been known to cause fits of laughter in passengers or other drivers.

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