Do You Miss Me, Darlin’?

“Well I guess not!  I’ve been on a f*cking plane for a day, haven’t I?!”

I sigh with relief that I’m only in front, and not seated beside him.

“I’m fine.  I have to go.  No.  I have to go.”

Blinding sunlight fills the plane until we’re swallowed by thick fluffy white clouds.

Do you miss me, darlin’?

A voice…lost long ago, caresses through the clouds.

Do you miss me, darlin’
Sunday afternoon?

The prettiest melody surrounds me.

Do you miss me, darlin’
Monday, Tuesday too?

Drinks crash to the floor.  Luggage falls like bricks from overhead bins.

Do you miss me, darlin’
Friday morning, noon?

“This is an emergency announcement,” interrupts a pre-recorded monotone voice.  “We may shortly need to make an emergency landing on water.”

What good is it if I can’t even sing it to you?
What good is it if I can’t even come out and sing it to you right now?

“Your seat cushions may be used as flotation devices.”

Do you miss me, darlin’
Will you see me soon?


[Lyrics in italics from “Do You Miss Me, Darlin,” by The Guess Who.  Written by:  Burton Cummings and Kurt Winter.  Original release:  Share The Land, 1970.]

The Guess Who (1970):  Burton Cummings (keyboards, lead vocals); Jim Kale (bass); Greg Leskiw (guitar); Garry Peterson (drums); Kurt Winter (guitar).

video posted to youtube by user robertzepelindeplomo




16 thoughts on “Do You Miss Me, Darlin’?

  1. I like this one a lot, Danica, but I need to ponder it for a while before I figure out exactly how it makes me feel. It might also help to replay that Guess Who song which I haven’t heard in several years. I’m currently listening to Kiss’ “Love Gun” album and it’s made for an interesting vibe when combined with this post. Thanks, as always, for your thought-provoking words.

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    1. Rich, thanks for your excellent feedback — I just added a clip of The Guess Who’s “Do You Miss Me, Darlin”. Your comments are particularly interesting to me because I felt many things as I was writing this one. If you have any post-pondering thoughts I’d be very pleased to learn more. I started writing one story and another unfolded, quite unexpectedly. I wasn’t even sure that I liked it when I posted it.
      Kiss’ “Love Gun” album would definitely make for an interesting vibe!


    1. Their chart success is impressive. “American Woman” has the distinction of topping the charts at #1 both as the original song (by The Guess Who) and as a cover by Lenny Kravitz. My favorites also include “Clap for the Wolfman” and “Star Baby”. So many to choose from… 🙂

      Apparently, they started as Al and the Silvertones in the early 1960s. They’re still playing live, with some lineup changes.

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