Dangers of Spinach & Apples

Tap, tap, tap.  The vampire hovered at my open window.  He was coaxing, lulling, enticing…waiting.  Then vanishing.

Suddenly, he was at the next window.  He stared.  His fingers tracing the edges of the pane.  So close, and yet — powerless.  His voice agitated now.  We both knew that he’d have to be invited in.

The glass rattled under his fist as I turned away.  His last warning evaporated in the cool air between us.  I wrapped the sheet around my chin, drifting in my cocoon.

Heavy splashes bouncing on the wood floor pulled me back.  Slowly, the room came into focus.  Thick ropes banged against the glass.  The window washer was already two floors down.

Maybe I shouldn’t mix spinach and apples in smoothies anymore?



14 thoughts on “Dangers of Spinach & Apples

  1. If it was Christopher Lee tapping on my window, I wldn’t hesitate to let him in!
    His life was – in some ways – more fascinating than his extensive filmography.
    Thanks for visiting/Liking my Obituary.

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