Creative Blogger Award!


The Creative Blogger Award comes to me from Rob at Art by Rob Goldstein.  Thanks so much, Rob!  I’m truly honored and delighted!

If you’re not already following Rob, I hope that you’ll visit his blog where he shares his striking art, photography and creative writing.  His blog also features his insights into politics, society, current events and a variety of health issues (most notably Dissociative Identity Disorder).  Rob also loves comments so don’t hesitate!

The rules for this award are:
° Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees
° Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
° Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
° Pass these rules on to them

Question for y’all:

Is there a rule or best practices guideline about accepting an award more than once?  I wasn’t able to find this answer, so if you have one please let me know.  I enjoy nominating blogs and giving them the attention and appreciation that they deserve, so I’ll just go ahead :).

Much thanks to EVERYONE!

A heartfelt thank you to every blogger in my community.  You continue to inspire and encourage me, and you’re the reason I’m here.

I’ll take this opportunity to highlight some blogs that I haven’t yet featured.  In these nominations I’m exempting blogs that are awards-free (you know who you are!).


PRINCESS OF DRAGONS.  Click to enter Princess of Dragons’ world of imagination!  She blogs about dragons, fantasy writing, gaming and life in general.  She also kickboxes!

COFYSBITZNPIECES.  Cofy is a poet, originally from Ghana, West Africa.  He describes a poet as “an artist who paints reality with words to produce color and imagery.”  His poetry touches on his different life experiences and interests which include travel, sports, politics, religion, and current affairs.

JASON’S JUKEBOX.  Jason is a coffee-drinking music-loving air guitarist out of Seattle, WA.  His blog is a “positive music review site for hipsters and non hipsters alike.”  He’s a believer in positive living and doesn’t write negative reviews.  His musical tastes are varied and he welcomes your feedback — as well as your album for possible review!

AUDREYDIX.  Audrey’s been married since she was a teenager and blogs about her home, family and everyday life.  Her posts include her experiences with celiac disease, although this condition doesn’t define her.

WRITINGS FROM DR. OOLIE’S POND.  Dan shares his poetry, prose and random thoughts.  His writing is mostly fiction and takes the form of “super short stories”.  Dan’s More About Me page includes a discussion of Van Halen.  Poetry, super short stories and Van Halen.  You see why I follow his blog, despite the fact that he doesn’t like coffee.

SIXTY SINGLE AND SURVIVING.  Monicle’s blog is all about living well at sixty.  Her posts canvass her everyday life, including such topics as ducks, paneer and lilacs.  Her writing is insightful and humorous.  My recent favorite is her response to “happily ever after” and fairy tales.

1001 ALBUMS IN 10 YEARS.  Stephen1001 has a goal:  to go through 1001 albums in 10 years, following the original edition of the book.  He is attempting to complete his mission by November 30, 2021.  His blog chronicles his progress and is organized by decade.  He also features themes and has saved what he considers his all-time top 10, to see if he stills feels that way at the conclusion of the 1001 albums.

FIELD OF THORNS.  Pepperanne likes “deep thoughts and dark places, the bleak and provoking” and is intrigued by the concept of fear.  She shares poetry, music and art.  My recent favorite is her poem about the kitchen junk drawer.  As Pepper puts it in her editorial, “…what do you find in the kitchen junk drawer?  I bet, nothing useful that’s for sure.  It’s like looking into the abyss, why don’t we let go of these things, get rid of them, clean out the drawer so we can get to what we really need?

TAKING THE MASK OFF.  Cortland Pfeffer’s (pseudonym) blog is about mental health, addiction and stigma.  The stories shared are true and have been gathered over 20 years.  Cortland is a psychiatric RN who has also been a patient in psychiatric hospitals, jails and treatment centers.  He is currently a Case Manager and Consultant to addiction treatment homes.

THE DANGEROUSLY TRUTHFUL DIARY OF A SICILIAN HOUSEWIFE.  Veronica is a self-described “pretend Sicilian housewife”.  She visited Sicily for a wedding and ended up falling in love with one of the groom’s cousins.  She left her life in London and moved to a fishing village in northern Sicily to be with her husband.  How was she able to do this?  She started her blog to find out.

DYING MAN’S DAILY JOURNAL.  Bill Howdle knows that his days are numbered due to both congestive heart failure and a brain tumor.  He hopes to encourage others in similar situations as well as help people deal with the fear of being around the dying.  Bill also shares inspirational stories and features a separate recognition page where everyone can acknowledge the unsung heroes among us — those whose small acts of kindness change the world.

NEVER MIND THE BOYS.  Leah is a student studying sociology in Victoria, BC.  She writes about her everyday life and loves angsty pop punk, feminism, kitschy vintage stuff, and winged eyeliner.  She had me at winged eyeliner.  I also enjoy her book recommendations and the compilations of her favorite texts she receives (which she kindly shares with us).

MAGGIESBLOG0019.  Maggie is a shelter dog who found her new home.  Her blog chronicles her journey and transition from living in a shelter to being a family pet.  Maggie also has email and Tweets.

EFNOTEBLOC.  Eugenio’s blog is his diary and his story.  He’s an English teacher and is interested in literature, poetry and culture.  He continues to learn and his blog evolves as he does.  Eugenio writes in English and Spanish.

RAY FERRER – EMOTION ON CANVAS.  Ray is a New York artist based in San Diego.  He uses his art to experiment with materials, spray paint and hand-cut stencils.  Ray describes his work as “raw, stripped back, honest.”  He hand-cuts all the stencils with an X-Acto knife, including the 8′ x 10′ wall murals.  He then uses the stencils to create his pieces.  Ray also battled a brain tumor and I read the sad news that he passed away on May 20, 2015.

MIKE’S LOOK AT LIFE.  Mike’s blog features his photography, memoirs and random thoughts.  Each of his photos tells a story and his interests and reflections are diverse as evidenced by his pages:  Life & Loss; Love; Horror & Tragedy; Living; Joy; Photography; Dogs; Memoir; and, Poetry.  He believes that he may be burned out and mistrusting in general, but you can trust his mistrust.

BRADSCRIBE.  Bradscribe explores the wonderful world of science fiction and occasionally ventures into science fact.  He posts articles, reviews, quotes and pictures so there’s a little something for everyone.  He’s also a scriptwriter, journalist and novelist.

OPHER’S WORLD.  Opher lives to make the world a better place.  He shares his creative spirit and idealism with his books, art, poems and photography.  He strives to celebrate love, humor, kindness and awe which are reflected in his blog.  My recent favorite is his photo gallery.

MATHEMAGICAL SITE.  Abyssbrain shares with us “the lighter side of math” and takes us outside the typical textbook template.  There is no math background required to enjoy this entertaining site!  Categories include:  Mental Math; Recreational Number Theory; Mathemagic; Puzzles and Problems; Jokes; and, Magic Squares & Other Magic objects.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen — math is fun!

THE IMMORTAL JUKEBOX.  Thom Hickey blogs about music and popular culture.  His “music professors were radio giants Charlie Gillett, John Peel and Emperor Rosko.  The print columns of Richard Williams, Ian MacDonald and Tony Russell were religiously read and annotated.”  Thom’s posts are always interesting and my recent favorite features Sam Cooke — I could listen to his music forever!



Five facts about me:

1.  I recently had adventures with contact paper.  The shelves turned out okay, but in the future I’d use a razor blade over dull kitchen scissors.  Maybe a ruler too.

2.  One of my new favorite people is the dog across the way.  He has a lot of opinions that he shares with the world.  Apparently, I may be alone in appreciating his howling.

3.  My computer is eating my music.

4.  [I need a moment to recover from #3.]

5.  One of my favorite scents is lilac in bloom.



29 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award!

    1. It’s absolutely my pleasure, Bradscribe, and I’m delighted that you’re happy with it! Congratulations also on your Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you for hopping by and visiting, it’s always lovely to see you.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is so sweet, thank you so much for the nomination! Seeing my name up alongside such creative and interesting people is such a huge honour. I’m definitely going to be checking out some of these other blogs as well!
    And I’m sorry to hear about the fate of your music library! Hopefully you manage to get it back. Hope you’re well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure, Leah! I hope that new readers will discover and enjoy your blog as much as I do. I also hope that you’ll find some that you like as well.
      Yes, the music situation is…not good!
      Thanks, Leah, and hope you’re having a great weekend!


      1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I have the Reblog function enabled for all of my posts. I double-checked that it was properly set up in my settings and discovered that it doesn’t appear for me on mobile devices or tablets. Could that be the case here?
        I don’t have a Facebook share button because I’m not on Facebook. I know…I’m probably the only person on the planet…:)


  2. Danica, congratulations on receiving the Creative Blogger Award! This is a beautifully written award post. Thank you for the nomination and the lovely introduction to my blog, I’m honored. I hope you enjoy the remains of the weekend, please take good care.

    Warm wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Pepperanne! I truly appreciate your kind words and support and I’m thrilled that you’re pleased with your award. Your nomination is well-deserved and I hope that new readers will visit your blog and enjoy it as much as I do.
      Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the reblog, Veronica! I’m delighted that you’re happy with your well-deserved award! I hope that new readers will discover your blog and enjoy it as much as I do.
      Take very good care and feel better soon!


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