Believe in The Good, Baby

How many times are we hit by assorted Bad Things in life?  Maybe we shouldn’t count just now.  We don’t want to interfere with our lovely mood.

What should we do when hit by Bad Things? 

No matter the particulars of the Bad Thing in question, we should look for The Good.


Not because we’re naïve.  Not because we’re saintly.  Not because we’re wise.

Because we want Peace or at least peace in the moments.

Peace in the moments

Peace as an overall state of mind may not be our goal.  We might want important answers or meaningful change.  These processes won’t be peaceful.  Even if we could attain it, we may not want peace all the time.  Maybe it would be boring?

Even if we don’t want Peace, finding peace in the moments can only enhance our lives.  Otherwise, Bad Things can run amok and potentially damage our beautiful life.

We find what we seek

A universal truth is that we find what we seek.  So, the next time you’re hit with a Bad Thing, whether in the form of an event, a circumstance, or a person, seek The Good.

This may not be easy.  Maybe the Bad Thing in question is very bad.  If so, it may help to know that the rewards are inversely proportional:  the more bad the Bad Thing, the more finding The Good will help bring us some peace.

Believing in The Good

Here is the key:  When you find The Good, believe in it.

We already believe in the Bad Thing.  What we focus on expands (another universal truth), so allow your brain to form the pathway that includes The Good in this particular Bad Thing.

The Bad Thing looks something like this in our brain:
Bad Thing = Bad Thing = Bad Thing.
We don’t want this loop left unattended; it may run amok and damage our beautiful life.

So, it’s important that we believe in The Good in equal (or greater) measure.
The overview looks like this:
Bad Thing + The Good = Peace (or, peace).

The last equation is better for our beautiful life.

Believe The Good, Baby, and let your beautiful life reflect it.




32 thoughts on “Believe in The Good, Baby

  1. I really like this post but the like button will only let me click it once. Wish you could uplike posts so maybe one click is like, 2 is like a lot, 3 is strongly agree, 4 is want to buy the author a coffee and 5 is LOVE the post. I’d click 5 on this one. /nod

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    1. Michelle, thank you very much! I’m thrilled that you love this post! I had my doubts about it and wasn’t sure it even made sense — so I really appreciate your kind words. Your idea of upliking posts is a good one too :).

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      1. Sometimes you just read the right message at the right time. I really needed to hear this after my recent set backs. It really just totally clicked with me. Thanks so much for writing it because it made a difference in my day too. That is what blogging is all about, touching someone else in that deep and thoughtful way. Sometimes like this time for me it makes them sit back and think a moment before smiling and saying thank you, others can make you cry. Either way you touched me today. 😀

        /big hugs

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        1. Likewise, Michelle. I hope that you will find everything you need to help you through your recent setbacks. A great big Thank You to you and your contributions here; I know they help others in a deep and meaningful way. I agree that this is what blogging is all about and I’m happy to be a part of it. Thanks for making my day :).

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  2. I think we do need peace in the moments. Resting up for inevitable changes and if necessary preparing ourselves for “battle.” In this context, I think respite gives us peace. This was a thought-provoking post, Danica.

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        1. Thank you, Danica. I do this (on my blog, too) for the few who use their cell phones. I am a little silly but trying to start putting money away for future use. I go to the library on most nights after work to use their computer. Longer workdays in summer, sometimes send me instead home to clean up after work at auto parts warehouse then use phone to respond and blog.
          You are a sweetheart for fixing my comment. ♡

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          1. Have you used your phone to type out whole posts? I’ve used my phone to respond to comments and comment on other blogs, but it doesn’t always work so well. I know, typos can drive us nuts! I usually see mine right after I click “send”. I try not to worry about them but sometimes they’re distracting.
            Your summer is sounding very busy. I like going to the library, especially when I manage to bring a coffee or tea along. It’s wonderful that we have these resources available to us!
            I hope that you’re having a good day so far :).


    1. I agree, Robin. In addition to peace in the moments, we need to rest up for inevitable changes. We also need to prepare ourselves for battle, at times. You’re right that respite gives us peace. Thank you for sharing your insight! Thanks also for your kind words.

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    1. ^ Perspective is the single most important key to what things appear to be.

      Finding Nemo can be viewed as a story of a single father raising his disabled son after a serial killed killed his wife and all but one of his children, the disabled son now kidnapped the father goes to the ends of the earth to find him again, in the journey this single father finds new interracial love, risks life and limb and with the help of a savage enemy rescues his son from a life in captivity at the hands of evil people building a personal zoo with Nemo as the prize personal attraction.

      Or Finding Nemo could simply be viewed as a great kids movie that demonstrates a fathers love for his child and a heart warming tale.

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        1. Most welcome it was a good movie and very heart warming, sometimes funny as well. Glad I found this blog I’ve liked it much since finding it.

          I here by claim I have “discovered” this blog and claim it in the name of bloggers everywhere. I shall call it beautiful! /smile and hugs

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          1. Thank you so much, Michelle! I’m absolutely delighted!

            I’m very glad to have found your blog as well. You have a special message for your readers and I hope that many more will discover it :).


  3. Kevin

    This is a fantastic post, Danica. I am at a point in my life where I am trying to learn how to re-frame my negative thoughts. Bad Thing = Bad Thing = Bad Thing, indeed. Those negative thoughts have a tendency to snowball. I am going to use this post as a reminder. You could be my therapist!

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    1. Thanks very much, Kevin! I’m so glad you like it and find it useful. The snowball effect is very real especially over time. You know, “Fall seven times, get up eight” is all well and good but how about when we’re counting fifty-seven… it can be a heavy load to get up for the fifty-eighth. Absolutely, anytime! 🙂


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