A Letter for Amma

Devesh quietly filled the tea carafe before placing it on the folding table.  The rest of the day shift would awaken shortly.  He buttoned his good shirt onto the wire hanger and balanced it on a tack by the shower.  It should be smooth by the time he returned from the plant.

He lit his hand-rolled cigarette as he rushed to the Western Union.  He had just enough time to send a letter and some money to his Auntie.


“Amma we have a package for you!”  Jian shouted over the blaring music videos.  She scrambled to the counter as the crowd quieted.  The ceiling fan ticked overhead and everyone gathered around as she ripped open his letter.

“Everything will be okay,” Amma’s tired face beamed as she looked up at the others.  She hadn’t relaxed since Devesh left for North America.  “He has a friend.”




6 thoughts on “A Letter for Amma

  1. Yes, this resonates with me recently worried my oldest daughter had “lost” a friend in a strange distancing move the other woman made. She was talking at Boy Scouts with another Mom and the got together for breakfast and I sighed in relief. As Michelle said we all need a friend or 2 🙂

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