The Number Three (50 Word Fiction)

He counted thirty-three minutes after tires crunched the gravel.  Crawling from the closet, he peered through the tinfoiled window.  The driver had correctly angled the bin ninety degrees.  Holding his breath, he blindly yanked it inside.  He quickly locked all three deadbolts.  Fighting dizziness, he locked them again.  Again.  Exhale.




12 thoughts on “The Number Three (50 Word Fiction)

      1. I’d be happy to read more!
        I can’t recall who’s credited with it but I always loved the line, “I’m sorry but I didn’t have time to make it shorter.”
        In this comment, I’m probably up to 50 words already!
        So if you can boil down your message to 50 words & create a scene with minimal language, that’s impressive

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        1. I’m so happy to know that! That’s a most excellent quote. Yes, boiling it down and eliminating words wasn’t easy. I’m surprised the story made it through this streamlining process. Thanks again :).


    1. Thank you so much, Robin! I’m enjoying the challenge and believe that it’s a good exercise for me. I liked that he had tin foil on his window and felt it revealed an important aspect of his personality…so that detail had to stay despite the word limitations!


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