Dragon’s Loyalty Award — Thank You!

Dragons Loyalty Award

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award comes to me from Annie at Gentle Kindness.  Thanks very much, Annie!  I’m delighted and honored — you’ve made my weekend!

Annie believes that “we all have a unique voice that needs to be heard” and advocates for self-empowerment after physical or mental abuse.  She believes that in many cases, mental illness has been caused by some kind of trauma in the person’s lifetime.  Annie also believes that if we are following a path to peace of mind, then we are on the path to happiness.

What is the Dragon’s Loyalty Award?

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal follower/commenter/fan, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or a blog-free someone who follows and comments regularly.

The rules for this award are:

° Put the logo on your post
° Thank the blogger who nominated you
° Share 5 facts about yourself
° Nominate 5-10 bloggers


The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is extra-special to me because it shines a light on the heart and soul of the great big beautiful blogosphere.  To illustrate:  If a blogger clicks “publish” and nobody is there to read the post, has it been beamed into the blogosphere?  For you science types, well, yes it has but who cares?  Nobody.  Clearly.  So without further ado, here are my wonderful nominees who save me from talking to myself.

My Nominees:

Joey at JOEYFULLY STATED.  Joey shares “Narratives of a Neurotic & Other Nonsense” with wit and charm.  Her blog covers a wide range of topics, including her blissfully happy life with her Mister.  She’s one of those bloggers who makes you feel like you’re visiting over coffee, tea…or margaritas as big as your head!

Rich at KAMER TUNES BLOG.  Rich chronicles his journey as he re-discovers artists from his vast and varied music collection.  The depth and breadth of his musical knowledge might be a bit intimidating for non-music types such as myself, but he welcomes all music lovers to his blog.  Sign up now before he’s lured away to a professional music magazine!

John a.k.a. G at GEEZER94 and OLD GUY PHOTOGRAPHY.  John shares “Old Guy Musings”, which include beautiful photography, stories, guest posts, anecdotes and memories.  His creativity translates to wonderful art that is sometimes haunting, sometimes funny, and always heartfelt.

Harris a.k.a. The Prodigal Orphan at NOCTURNAL ADMISSIONS.  Harris shares some of his life’s wisdom:  he figured he finally had at least almost all the the right answers, then realized he might not have asked the right questions to begin with.  He’s come to realize that his life is full of blessings.  Harris also shares his love of music and some amazing concert experiences.

Robin a.k.a. reocochran at WITLESS DATING AFTER FIFTY.  Robin shows us that “relationships reveal our hearts” as she blogs about learning how to navigate the singles’ world.  She writes about her dating adventures as well as relationships and love in a variety of forms.  Robin also shares other people’s love stories–with their permission, of course.

Rob at ART BY ROB GOLDSTEIN.  Rob shares his striking art and photography as well as his thought-provoking creative writing.  His blog also features his advocacy and insights into politics, society, current events and a variety of health issues (most notably Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Vic at JUST PLAIN OL’ VIC.  Vic began blogging as a form of writing therapy.  He covers issues including mental and emotional health, including bi-polar disorder, well as addiction and substance abuse.  Vic shares what he has learned and hopes to help others in the process.

Ian at 500 REASONS WHY THE 80’s DIDN’T SUCK.  At this Division of Uncle E’s Musical Nightmares, Ian presents arguments and examples in an attempt to persuade us that 80’s music didn’t suck.  That’s preaching to the choir here!  It’s not surprising that Ian is an Advertising Director during daylight hours, given the creative force emanating from his blog.

Melinda at LOOKING FOR THE LIGHT.  Melinda is an Ordained Minister interested in pastoral care for sick children and the elderly.  She is also a founding member of survivorsbloghere.wordpress.com; a collaborative of writers with various backgrounds whose mission is to support survivors of various traumas and mental illness.  Melinda’s passions include photography, music and fast cars.  She’s a rock star in her head! 

Frank at A FRANK ANGLE.  Frank engages and entertains with his diverse posts exploring: politics; religion; education; golf; ballroom dance; travel; and, wherever life’s journey takes him.  Although he has thousands of followers, Frank is quick to welcome a new face.

Joe at 1537.  Joe owns 1537 LPs (actually, more) and is listening to each and every one.  His blog chronicles his journey, one vinyl LP at a time, and his posts are equal parts creativity and originality.  His musical taste is all over the map and he doesn’t filter his selections, past or present.  Please note that the book High Fidelity does not factor here — Joe doesn’t like it and maintains that it doesn’t give any proper answers.

Michelle at AGHOSTDANCER.  Michelle canvasses a wide range of topics including relationships, religion, mental/emotional health issues and her experiences with cochlear implants.  Her latest series, NativeFacts, presents information not commonly taught in schools about Native Americans.

Enrico at SHAKECLOUDS.  Enrico is a 20-something student from Italy who blogs about simplicity and essentiality.  He believes that what really matters is not what we have, but the way we live every moment.

Blue290 at TWICE TWENTY-FIVE.  Blue is an “old soul” who writes about topics surrounding “Year 50” as well as his place in this world.  He shares some of his extensive military deployments as well as his life experiences, and how they changed him forever.  He tries to be a better man each day and reflects on the good and the bad as he enjoys his Merlot and music.

Pepperanne at FIELD OF THORNS.  Pepper shares poetry, music and art.  She likes “deep thoughts and dark places, the bleak and provoking”.  She also likes “the strange, unusual and unique” and is intrigued by the concept of fear.  Woven through her posts is her belief that perfection and great beauty are found in the imperfect.

Mike a.k.a. LeBrain at MIKELADANO.COM.  Mike is “an obsessive-compulsive music collector who spent 12 years on the front lines managing a record store.  These are the Record Store Tales…”  They’re calling out for a reality show!  You’ll see what I mean.  Mike’s blog also features music reviews, news, interviews and more.

Resa at GRAFFITI LUX AND MURALS.  Resa is a self-described amateur photographer who has a passion for taking pictures of outdoor ephemeral art.  She showcases and documents Graffiti Art, Murals and Street Art in North American cities.  Resa is also an established costume designer in film, television and digital media. *A big congratulations to Resa on her 2015 CSA Nomination for Best Costumes on The Best Laid Plans!

Geoff a.k.a. Stephen1001 at 1001 ALBUMS IN 10 YEARS.  Geoff chronicles his progress through 1001 albums, using the original book as a guide.  He hopes to complete his mission by November 30, 2021.  His blog is equal parts variety and fun.  He’s also a tremendously good sport:  I called him by the wrong name one time and he doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge.

Bella at EARTH TO BELLA.  Bella shares eclectic stories, anecdotes and insights including some of her writing from different stages of her life.  She’s also an artist who designs jewelry, toys and dolls to name but a few.  Bella likens her blog to the show Seinfeld and claims that it’s really about nothing.

J. at RESURRECTION SONGS.  J started his blog as a diary of the music he listened to every day.  More recently, he’s been listening to actual records on a record player.  In the process he’s re-discovered his favorite albums and uncovered some new ones.  I agree with him about Sinatra and Elvis!

Bradscribe at BRADSCRIBE and MLBRADFORD.  Bradscribe is a scriptwriter, journalist and novelist who explores the world of science fiction and occasionally ventures into science fact.  He posts articles, reviews, quotes and pictures so there’s a little something for everyone.

Opher at OPHER’S WORLD.  Opher shares his creative spirit and idealism with his books, art, poems and photography.  He strives to celebrate love, humor, kindness and awe which are reflected in his blog.  I especially like his photography.


Thank you all!

Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, followed and/or commented on my posts.  You’ve encouraged and inspired me and I genuinely appreciate you.


Five facts about me:

1.  I’ve been known to wear pajama pants as everyday street-wear.  This would have horrified me in the past.

2.  I’ve recently been adding ice to my coffee (file under the category of “how hot is it?”).  This also would have horrified me in the past.

3.  I once convinced a proper old-school barber to cut my hair even though he adamantly vowed never to cut women’s hair.  I had to promise not to cry no matter what.  Tired stereotyping aside, he charged a fraction of salons and I wound up with weird bangs that I later discovered were in the style of Bettie Page.

4.  My current coffee travel mug is still from UFC.

5.  I did bend the rules a bit for this award nomination.  Is this allowed?




40 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award — Thank You!

  1. Congratulations, Danica! Glad to see these awards heading your way.
    Having just confronted my inner daemon in my latest Post, now I am comforted by a dragon.
    Thank u for yet another nom – v much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Frank! You are most welcome although I’m pretty sure you’ve already received every award :). I hope you’ll enjoy some new-to-you blogs and respective bloggers as much as I do.


  2. Nice award! Thanks for the nomination 🙂
    We used to live less than a block from a small market. Many times, while my husband was away, right when I woke the big kids up, I’d go over in my pajamas and a coat to pick things up from that market. Usually medicine, milk, or diapers. It was almost always empty and I so did not care! It was so much easier to go alone than to drag two babies out in the cold and through the store.
    I have also frequently put ice in coffee at restaurants or from those machines in gas stations. I also like iced coffee, like cold brewed or iced coffee drinks 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad you like it :). Pajamas are so much easier, aren’t they? I can picture your errands on the cold mornings as you try to juggle everything.
      Ice in coffee on hot days is good! Who knew? Apparently, everyone except me! That’s a good idea for gas station machine coffee and I’ll have to try cold brewed sometime :).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re most welcome, Rich; your nomination is very well-deserved. I hope that you’re enjoying your blog break, such that it is :). I also hope that you’ll discover some new-to-you blogs and enjoy them as much as I do.
      All the best,


  3. Pingback: 2 Blogging Awards | Just Plain Ol' Vic

  4. Dear Danica, If you told me I was nominated I would be so much more timely with my grateful response. I am deeply honored to have been nominated. I have only worn pajama bottoms from apt to car to drive thru. I like it when my oldest daughter wears them over to watch a movie with me. I have been drinking iced coffee for 5 years. I like frozen hot chocolate (oxymoron, right?) And iced caopucinos. Yummy and full of calories and sugar. I will try to get to this. A month ago, someone nominated me and need to do a double awards nomination ceremony. Thank you again, your description was very nice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Robin, You’re most welcome, of course, and I believe I left a message on your About page. These awards should be fun and without pressure so remember that there is no deadline! Pajama pants are so comfortable that I’m trying not to wear them out too often. Frozen hot chocolate must be wonderful and I’ll have to try it. Your award nominations are very well-deserved and I’m so pleased that you’re happy with them :).

      Liked by 1 person

  5. You probably deserve two Dragon’s Loyalty Award nominations, Danica. One for fantastic writing and the other for your sweet patience. Thank you for this nomination and if you contacted me on my About page, so sorry I did not see it. Danica Congratulations! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robin, It’s absolutely my pleasure! Thank you so much for your very kind words. Yes, I left a message on your About page and perhaps it went astray or missing for some reason. Glitches and gremlins abound! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I went back to look at it and found this nomination and your first one earlier this year (writing challenge). This is a short story about my life, I had one purse stolen with cell phone at the library where I always blogged for two or more years. This was in May, 2015 over Mother’s Day weekend, good news they found him thanks to surveillance tape. I have cut way back on posting since it is a public place and he was out in a day and paid court but Not Me! I am still sad about this.
        Then, although the police were so very nice about this, I had my car running purse under a beach towel and beach bag, went to run into my daughter’s apt and get a casserole she made me on our way back from the pool. How someone knew or what the police called a “brazen” act of theft, I will not understand how they could just do this in such a short amount of time. Anyway, since the second episode, I use my phone to blog. This is really challenging! I went to the library to use three hours today and got my Epic post completed! Danica, thanks for this second nomination and if you know how to add links to comments, you may wish to add the specific one with the logo and your fantastic award post. Take care and know I did the “best I could!” 🙂 xo

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Robin, your difficulties posting to your blog must be so frustrating! Is there a way you could type out your posts in a text document, for example, and then copy and paste to your blog?

          I’m not sure what you mean about adding the logo…do you mean adding the link to the logo in the comments I left on your blog? I’ll go back and do that. I thought I added the link to the award post but I’ll do it again in case there was a glitch.

          Let me know if there’s anything else. I hope you’re able to enjoy some more relaxing times at the library now.


  6. ianbalentine

    Hi Danica. Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate it! I don’t think I deserve it, but I’ll take it. I’m swamped at work for the next 5 weeks or so (new online initiative launch), so I’ll be unable to properly accept this and pass it on, but know that I am grateful for your recognition!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ian, you’re so modest! Good luck with your new online initiative launch! Exciting times! I understand that you continue to be very busy and I’m happy that you accept the recognition, which is what the nomination process is all about. There is no deadline on the award, so if you find some time in the future do feel free to re-visit. If not, that’s perfectly fine too. These awards should be fun and pressure-free. I hope that some new readers will discover your blog and enjoy it as much as I do.


  7. Thank you, this is on my list of catchup articles and things. I will surely and proudly add this to the list of awards I’ve accepted. 🙂

    You’re beautiful inside and out my friend. Come learn to surf… 😀 It does a body good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great! I’m glad that you’re happy with it and that you’ll be able to participate. Oh, and you’re most welcome, of course. Your award is very well-deserved. 🙂

      Thank you so much and right back at you. I’d love to come learn to surf! In the meantime I’ll enjoy living vicariously through you 🙂


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