Vote for My New eBook Topic!

I’m writing a new eBook!

About what?

That’s up to you my wonderful readers!  I’ve canvassed my previous blog articles and created a list of topics, below.

I get to tell you what to write?

Yes!  Cast your vote, below, for the topic you’d most like to read.  The topic receiving the most votes will be the topic of my new eBook.

What kind of eBook will this be?

My new eBook will expand on one or more of my previous blog posts.  The format will be straightforward and in plain language.  The style will be similar to articles I’ve written and posted to my blog.

When can I vote?

Polls will remain open for 1 week.

When can I get my copy?

My new eBook will be available in the Fall/Winter 2015.

Hey, are you trying to sell me something?

My new eBook will be FREE to you — my readers!  Because you’re awesome!

I have more to say about this!

Comments are welcome, as always.





49 thoughts on “Vote for My New eBook Topic!

  1. Danica, super idea! The first several comments are hilarious! I’m looking forward to the voting results, should be interesting to see what the majority of your readers vote for! Have a wonderful Friday evening!

    Take care,

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    1. I’m glad you like it, Pepperanne! Yes, mikeladano, boppinsblog, and mlbradford are wonderful bloggers with a terrific sense of fun. I recommend their blogs if you haven’t already visited them.

      Thank you and I’m also looking forward to the results! I was trying to decide on the topic and wondered what would be most interesting to my readers. Then I was struck by the obvious: why not ask? I hope your Friday has been a good one and that you enjoy a lovely weekend.

      – D

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    1. Thank you, Geoff! Perfectionism was one of the first topics I discussed here on my blog. It may have been my first article–I’ll have to check because now I’m curious. If it wins, my blog will have come full circle.

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                    1. It was a band that the character Andy(Chris Pratt) speaks about, but unfortunately the viewer I don’t believe ever gets to see. The band also had previous names of Nothing Rhymes With Orange, and Everything Rhymes With Orange.
                      I suggest to watch the show. it really was very funny, with a bunch of eclectic characters.

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    1. I’ve been brushing up a bit on Greek mythology and it seems that there weren’t many limits to Pegasus’ powers. I had believed that Zeus was responsible for thunder and lightning, for example, but apparently that was Pegasus acting on Zeus’ requests. You know, your duo purpose project would probably be well received at pet stores!

      I would have guessed that art is your passion — fine art, photography, writing. There must be more. Thanks and I hope that you’ll like the book!


  2. I am not sure if it ever took my vote for “How To Learn How to Not Worry/ about Perfectionism”, Danica. I think whatever you tackle, you will do a fantastic job on research and writing about the subject. The wheel was still spinning like it was tabulation my vote.:)

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    1. Thank you for voting, Robin! Try voting again. If your vote has already registered it won’t go through again.
      I really appreciate your encouragement! I’m excited to take on the project although it is a little daunting.


    1. Challenges, challenges, challenges! The plan for this project is a short eBook produced in electronic form only. My timeline is to start writing it in September and finish in December. I’m learning about the different electronic formats now. If it’s ever available in print form you’ll be first on the list to receive an autographed copy!
      Thanks so much for participating 🙂

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  3. Hi there 🙂 I personally chose ‘How To Be Aerodynamic,’ Because it’s the only Superhero trait I haven’t yet mastered! 🙂 It’s very nice to meet you, thanks for the follow and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    1. Thanks very much for voting! Being aerodynamic is a fantastic superhero trait :). Fingers crossed for your selection! I want everyone to receive their first choice and don’t have a favorite myself.
      Likewise, and thank you also for the follow. I’ve enjoyed your posts and am looking forward to reading more.

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  4. It is very obvious from your writing that you have certainly discovered your own passion and often write of passion itself… So it seemed only natural for me to want you to write your book and reveal to all of us, who love to linger in your words… how you came to discover YOUR own passion. Thought it would be most enlightening and of course… passionate. Can I vote twelve times? Hope your evening is most beautiful Danica and thank you for this post. It just makes it more fun to participate in something that I know we will all love when you release it to us…

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    1. Michael, you are absolutely right! I can hear the smile in my voice when I talk about my writing. I enjoy the time I spend writing–though it isn’t enough!–and now is the time to move forward with it. This eBook project seemed like a good start in that direction. How I came to discover my passion for writing: the short answer is that it seems accidental. Almost like a coin toss. It may just as easily have never happened.
      Yes, you can vote twelve times! You may have to use different computers or change your IP address though 🙂
      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement and support. You’ve been there from the beginning of my blog journey and your visits always put a smile on my face. You may not have noticed, but my post about your blog and your writing “Is This Inappropriate?” is still a favorite among my readers.
      Thanks again, Michael, for everything.


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