The People Have Spoken!

Votes are in!  You have chosen “How To Let Go Of Perfectionism” as the topic of my new eBook!

Voting results are as follows:

How To Let Go Of Perfectionism:  34.21%
How To Discover Your Passion:  28.95%
How To Be Aerodynamic:  23.68%
How To Change Your Life:  13.16% 

Next steps:

These are exciting times!  I will now set to work writing on the topic, “How To Let Go Of Perfectionism”.

This eBook will expand on my original article:  Letting Go of Perfect.

I’m also learning about self-publishing, starting with how it relates to this project.


My new eBook will be available to you in the Fall/Winter 2015.

Thank you!

A great big thank you for voting, commenting and otherwise participating!  Y’all are the best in all of the blogosphere 🙂

Have your say!

Your comments, questions and general feedback are always welcome!




8 thoughts on “The People Have Spoken!

  1. Congratulations on determining the topic … plus good luck on the project!

    Meanwhile, I’ve been way behind on my visits throughout blog land, my apologies – but the new musical goes live Tuesday night … DANCE is the keyword … but only DANCE (not dancers, dancing, danced, or any other form of the word) – just DANCE in the song title.

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