Challenge: In Thy Future

Rob Goldstein from Art by Rob Goldstein nominated me for this challenge.  Thank you, Rob!  This is my first such challenge.

Rules for the In Thy Future Challenge

• Thank the blogger who nominated you.
• Link back to the challenge creator Carolina from Yesterday After to track progress.
• Share 5 things about your future.  Then one day you can look back and find out how psychic you really are.
• Tag 5 bloggers and put them up to the challenge.

5 Things About My Future:

1.  I will write an eBook on the topic of how to overcome perfectionism.
2.  I will learn about self-publishing.
3.  I will drive a Lamborghini on a desert highway.
4.  I will go to the Smithsonian.
5.  I will jump out of a plane.

My Nominees:

Boppin’s Blog
Sixty, Single and Surviving
Michelle Styles
Knitting with Heart

I also nominate EVERYONE who would like to participate!  Tag, people of the blogosphere :).




35 thoughts on “Challenge: In Thy Future

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I could spend an entire week at the Smithsonian. I am hoping to plan a family vacation there next week. Skydiving is the most fun you can have with your pants on 😉 Driving a Lambo is cool, but I would add at triple digit speeds! Great list!

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    1. I bet people have tried to move into the Smithsonian. What an amazing vacation plan! I hope it happens because I want to read your blog posts about the experience. Skydiving Vic! Who knew? I shall have to search your blog for skydiving posts. Nice addition on the triple digit speeds! Thanks, Vic 🙂

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  2. Sounds cool – I accept your challenge, Danica!
    Having studied/worked as a historian, th past always seemed more certain, less daunting and reassuring, but yes, it wld b interesting to try & work out how/where I might b heading.
    I plan to do 1 & 2 myself v soon (different book subject of course!) but I wld do No. 5 if only I could take a parachute w me
    As soon as my Post is up, will send u th Link

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    1. Brad, that’s great!
      Yes, the great unknowable future is more daunting, isn’t it? A different perspective will be interesting too.
      I’m looking forward to your 1 and 2! I believe that parachutes are allowed 🙂
      Thanks, Brad!

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  3. Thank you Danica for nominating me. I am up for the challenge. Hopefully, my 5 fellow bloggers are as well. I’m not sure where you live, but if you ever make it to Ontario, Canada I will ask my uncle if you can drive his Lambo. I bet he would let you drive it before me. (There is a vicious rumour floating around that I like to drive fast.) Unfortunately, there are no deserts here though.

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    1. Great! I thought of you immediately and hope you’ll enjoy it. Thank you so much for your generous offer! It’s funny that your uncle hasn’t let you drive it…and it suggests you may have a bit of a thrill-seeking speed demon side 🙂

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      1. They have a new law in Ontario that a person is charged with “stunt driving” if doing 50kmh(30mph) over the limit. I believe the fine is around $2000-$10000. Vehicle impounded for 7 days. Loss of license for up to 2 years. for this and other reasons, I do a lot closer to the limit than I used to. I sometimes go to the drag races to let out my speed demon side.

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        1. Wow those are quite the fines and penalties! You know, I think they’re appropriate. Too many serious consequences happen every day because of speeding, and other infractions. These penalties would be good incentive not to stunt drive in city limits!
          Do you get out to the drag races often? They must be a lot of fun.
          This was my inspiration for the desert highway setting — nobody for miles and miles!

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          1. The only issue is most are caught speeding on major highways. If you want to drive in the left(passing or fast) lane on the 401 highway here, you should be doing around 30-40 kmh over the posted limit of 100kmh, so if you aren’t careful, it is very easy to be going too fast.
            I agree about in town for sure. I usually try to stay at the limit, as I wouldn’t forgive myself if I hurt a child.
            I don’t get to the drags often, but I will be posting about my uncle(the same one) driving a Top Fuel Dragster with 10,000 HP at some point. I just have too many posts I want to submit, and too little time, so many go on the back burner.

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            1. That’s a trickier situation because there are also penalties for driving too slowly. Not to mention seriously annoying fellow drivers 🙂
              I am really looking forward to your post about your uncle driving a Top Fuel Dragster! If you’re taking requests or putting it to a poll/vote that’s mine.
              I’m enjoying your writing a great deal and looking forward to your future posts. So many posts and ideas…so little time. *Le sigh* 🙂


    1. Jay, I like your style! Challenge accepted :). I’m thinking combining #1 with some of the others. Using the more expansive term of “writing” to include brainstorming and perhaps dictating and note-taking.

      I officially nominate you to take part in this challenge!


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