Surprise Music Mail!

Aaron at KEEPSMEALIVE sent music mail!  Imagine my delight when I received the gift of music, “Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin”.

When he mentioned that he’d sent me a present I could hardly believe it.  I didn’t tell him that I checked the mail every day waiting for the surprise.  When I thanked him, he shrugged (I imagine) and said something like, “Hey, it’s community.”

Thanks again, Aaron. 🙂




107 thoughts on “Surprise Music Mail!

  1. Nice.

    I have been waiting by my community mailbox for my Iron Maiden ticket from Aaron but still nothing. It’s community right Aaron.

    Oh well. I guess I’ll keep waiting.

    How about a review Danica?

    It has been many years since I heard my copy. Maybe if you like it, you can convince me to dig it out. From what I remember it was a few hits and a lot of misses. However, no band can fill in for Led Zeppelin, so I may have set the bar too high.
    Also my ears have aged so I may have a different perspective.

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    1. Sorry Boppin/Dr. Feelgood, the Maiden ticket’s all mine. I will be sure to review the show for you, though.

      I would definitely be up for a group review of this compilation, posted all on the same day. Any other takers?

      I found more hits than misses on there, so I definitely recommend giving it another spin. 🙂

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      1. I will give it another spin.

        I would have loved if a few heavier bands had slid in there. Maybe a 2 disc set with heavier bands. 1995. Hmmm? Metallica. GNR. Foo Fighters. Kyuss. System of a Down. Rush.
        Alice in Chains. Soundgarden. Pantera. Rage Against the Machine. Stone Temple Pilots. Pearl Jam.
        Megadeth. Slayer.


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        1. I just looked it up on Ticketbastard, and if I read it correctly, there are still seats left for the Maiden show. They’re all in the upper bowl and way far away from seeing things clearly, but you could be in the building when it all goes down!

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                    1. zFor 2016, it’s true (s far).

                      Though my bddy Wilf says last time they did this where Bruce Bruce flew the plane, the came back around again and did more dates, so maybe late 2016 or in 2017 they might come back!

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    2. Haha, I’d be happy with a t-shirt! 🙂 There’s been some talk around here about seeking tickets the night-of…not sure that’s a good strategy?

      A review would be most awesome — how about leaving that in your capable hands? I don’t know where I’d start with a music review.

      You’re absolutely right, no band can fill in for Led Zeppelin — not now not ever — so what can we do?

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      1. I planned on getting tickets tonight to Three Days Grace/Halestorm concert tonight, but alas I am home with no tickets.

        I have saved tons by low balling for tickets the day of many times, but you have to have a thick skin, and be prepared to often miss the concert altogether.

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          1. Standing in the rain.
            With her head hung low.
            Couldn’t get a ticket.
            It was a sold out.
            Heard the roar of the crowd.
            She could picture the scene.
            Put her ear to the wall.
            And like a distant scream
            She heard one guitar
            Just blew her away
            Saw stars in her eyes
            And the very next day
            Bought a beat up six string……….

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            1. …in a second hand store
              Didn’t know how to play it
              But she knew for sure
              That one guitar
              Felt good in her hands
              Didn’t take long
              To understand
              Just one guitar….

              Very nicely done, Boppin! 🙂


      2. I’d be afraid of what they’re charging for a t-shirt at that gig. I remember when we saw Tool years and year ago and the t-shirt was $40 or so and I thought that was nuts, considering it matched what we paid to get in to the show. And then I found a pristine shirt from that tour at the junk shop last year for $3.99. Go figure.

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          1. I was thinking of going to my local t shirt print shop with a print out of the album cover. I bet you could make one for under $10. No fear of copyright issues if you are not planning on printing off a bunch and selling them.
            I save my merch money for music.
            What bothers me is that a ton of bands lately tour with no music to sell, and almost no one sells binyl.

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            1. They’d probably do an excellent job too. I’ve found that a lot of the merch looks the same…as though the same template is used over and over again.
              It would be fun to look through music as well…I guess the profit margin isn’t as high?


  2. You’re certainly welcome, Danica! We had talked about that disc, at some point, and then I came across a copy and said “I know who needs that!” Et voila.

    You got it right: COMMUNITY!! 🙂 Give ‘er!

    Also note: There are two versions of that compilation, one that has the Mana track, and was that does not. I made sure that your copy has the extra track, as it is an excellent track!

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    1. I remember that conversation. Thank you so much, Aaron! I’m thrilled. How did you know that I needed this? You have super powers.

      I’m listening to the opening track right now. I feel like I’m in Guadalajara! I love it. You’re right, this track is worth seeking out…I haven’t made it past repeat yet. 🙂

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      1. Haha not superpowers. I just tuck things away into my mind, and when items turn up, boom! Away they go to the right person!

        That Mana track is definitely worth finding the right version of this compilation to make sure you get it, agreed!

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          1. Well, I figure turnabout is fair play. For every disc I send out like that, I have also been the recipient of many wonderous things here as well. I mean, James, Mike, Scott, Geoff, Sarca, J., 1537, and on and on. Lots of people have sent musics here to the AAAA. So sending things out as appropriate and when possible just seems natural too!

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              1. It really is! I mean, then there’s Deke, and Boppin, sending digital stuffs… Damn. I also swear by the KMA’s Master Grail List (of course I do!) as a superb way pf making sure that people get the Hard-To-Find things they’ve wanted forever. It’s all to the good!

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                  1. It really is. It’s not’s just the stuff that it would be nice to get if the thing is readily available or at a decent price online. We’re all record collectors, and as such, we all know that there are those impossible-to-get items that we’ve sought for years in shops and online and just never found (at all or at a decent price).

                    So, the KMA’s Grail List is for those things that are/have been out of reach. The idea is that we’re all living in different places internationally, and it’s possible that we’re walking right past a long-sought item in our local record shop that someone somewhere else has wanted for years. So if we have a copy of the list on hand (I have it in my cell phone as a text file), you just never know when something that someone somewhere dreams about is right there in front of you!

                    The Grail List has existed for quite a while, now, and it has definitely worked. We’ve absolutely helped people out and it’s all to the good! If we all pitch in and keep an eye out, good things can happen!

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                    1. Absolutely. The KMA’S Master Grail List is right here:


                      If you’re on at any point, the Grail List always sits at the top of the page, right under the banner.

                      And this is an invitation, if anyone has a super hard-to-find item and our community help you find it (by exponentially expanding your searching area to an international scale), definitely drop us a line at the KMA and we’ll post that item to the list!

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                    2. As long as it’s clearly understood that this list is only for the ‘I’ve Been Unable To Find It Forever’ items, the ones that have eluded us in every shop and on every site, or is constantly at a silly high price.

                      Anything that’s readily available from Discogs, Amazon, or elsewhere doesn’t belong on the list!


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                1. Even though I don’t quite follow the John Bonham ‘all that glitters is gold’ comment context, I will agree that Jason Bonham is awesome. Also Ann Wilson is the best female singer today. I watched that Kennedy Center Honors show way back when and Led Zeppelin had tears it was so good. So did I.
                  I have seen both Jason Bonham and Heart live and they both do amazing jobs of Led Zep songs

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                    1. When I saw them, they did the harder rock tunes first, then the band went backstage and Ann & Nancy did accoustic songs. Then the band came back. Great concert.

                      Perhaps alot of what you have seen are these middle sets. Unless they have changed. I also think Ann has toured solo and perhaps that is more accoustic.

                      I would suggest to go see them. They aren’t getting any younger, and so worth it.

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            1. Me too. I skipped over a couple after a few seconds…they didn’t work for me the first time around but I’ll give it another few listens after the newness settles down. There are several that I liked immediately, of course!


              1. If I was Justin Trudeau, my first order woukd be making a new holiday. National Tragically Hip day.

                The band would put.on a free concert that day simalcast on all tv networks, and all band music and merch would be half price that day.

                Townspeople could all witness the shackling of ticket scalpers in every town square.


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                1. I second that entire motion, with addendums:

                  Gord Downie to be made National Music Ambassador, the robes of office to include banana shakers.

                  After the scalpers are shackled, everyone who so chooses can give them one good swift boot to the behind, as the Hip plays on stage.

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                  1. Kick until proper wiggln of butts is acheived.
                    Wtf is a banana shaker?
                    I say cool hats must benworn by all.

                    Does anyone else have issues onnwirdoress when using a ohone and all text in the comments is shrunk tonsingle line? I can’t even read most of the comments and near imoossible to leave a comment.

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                    1. Haha 🙂 It’s frustrating but kind of funny, too. I had to laugh at the mess of comments I’ve left using my phone.
                      BTW – let me know if you want me to change anything…I can update when I’m at a proper computer.


                    2. Oh, I was was just thinking about how sometimes Gordie has those shakers/castanets/noisemaker things when he’s on stage. When we saw him in Montreal, they were shaped like bananas.

                      Best advice for WP phone issues: don’t use your phone! Tiny screen is not conducive to effective usage of WP.

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