Baby, You Don’t Want a Cappuccino?

No, thanks.

“Who are you and what have you done with Danica?”

I know!

I’ve been drinking coffee my whole adult life.  Pre-adult, even.  I love coffee.  Truly, love.  Mingled with that love is a deep appreciation for all of the humans who make my coffee possible…from the fields, to drying under the sun, to sifting for initial transport…. You get the idea.

I haven’t had coffee in twenty-eight days.  Twenty-eight and a half, actually.  Not that I’m counting.  Okay, yes, I’m counting.

What’s up, baby?

Well, it happened kind of accidentally.  Like all great science experiments.  I had a stint of unwellness which meant that I didn’t want coffee.  That happens sometimes.  What is unprecedented, however, is that I didn’t start back up.  Instead, I got curious.  What would happen if I didn’t drink coffee?  Bad things?  Quite likely.

Is coffee good for you?

I’ve read a lot of literature on this topic over the years.  I’ve come across a variety of findings.  In summary, coffee is good for you.  And, coffee is bad for you.  This time, I pondered:  would I be healthier, stronger, smarter if I abstained from coffee?  Let’s find out!

Early detox days

Headache.  This is to be expected, as all coffee lovers know.  To be fair, this symptom could have been caused by any number of factors especially since the quality of the headache was unlike typical caffeine withdrawal.

Later detox days

The headache didn’t last long and I paid attention for other symptoms or changes.  What was my system like without coffee?  I waited.  Mostly, for bad things.  Maybe some better sleep here and there, to offset the bad things.

The shocking truth

The most surprising result!  Nothing.  I have not noticed any change that I can attribute to abstaining from coffee.  I wouldn’t have predicted this finding.

Come on back, baby!

A ceremonial comeback cup would be fitting, for my 30th day.  Beautiful shade-grown fair-trade dark roast bold goodness in a fine china cup as the sun peeks over the horizon….

I’m still too surprised though.  Can it really make no difference whether or not I drink coffee?  Has all of the controversy and science been for naught?  So, what to do.  Maybe 60 days?  That threshold could be key.  There has to be some kind of physiological impact, yes?

What do y’all think?  What is your experience with coffee?  Is it good or bad for your health?

Do you think I should continue this accidental coffee detox?




72 thoughts on “Baby, You Don’t Want a Cappuccino?

  1. Danica, you beautiful woman, you. Hope your scientific experiment works. I tend to drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. My Mom is 87 and still tries to drink this much but needs to be careful after dinner, since she is not always able to sense the need to wake up and use the bathroom. I figure it can’t hurt! 🙂

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  2. I drink a lot of coffee and I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the health-effects debate. Neither position is extreme enough for me to change (or resist change), i.e. it’s not a miracle cure and it’s not going to kill me over night,. When I slow down, it’s usually related to travel – I can’t afford to drink my usual amount using coffee shops.

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    1. That’s a good approach to life and not worrying in general is excellent for health! You seem to be quite right, given the result of my scientific experiment: coffee doesn’t cause extremes. Do you travel a lot?


          1. It’s been a while since I’ve done a North American raod trip. European road trips are different. There aren’t too many quality stops on the highways (at least the ones I travel) but there is always an interesting town or city to stop in and take a break.

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              1. Not really. The travel is usually incidental in the posts. It’s the distances that make the differences. They are a bit like the North East of the US where you hit a new city every 100 – 150 miles. No big wide open spaces. For example, when I go visit my son in Amsterdam, the travel from Paris takes me about 6 hours, I do three countries (France, Belgium, Holland) and I drive by Bruxelles, Antwerp, and Utrecht among the better known towns. Sometimes, I’ll make a detour on the way home and I’ve stopped in places like Rotterdam and Luxembourg just for a meal or a coffee.

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  3. I used to drink around fourteen mugs of coffee a day but I gave up overnight. I didn’t do that out of health reasons. I think I merely wanted to prove I could. I suffered headaches and muzziness for a while. I switched to tea and drink a fair bit of that.
    I was immune to the caffeine and I suppose I still am. Tea has more than coffee. But it does not keep me awake.
    The latest research is that moderate coffee drinking makes you live longer. They believe it reduces inflammation. I drink the occasion cup of real coffee. I do not like instant anymore. Strange isn’t it?

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    1. Opher, you conducted a much better scientific experiment! Maybe immunity to the effects of caffeine plays a role…interesting. I didn’t know that about tea.
      Moderate coffee drinking to live longer sounds good. I’ve noticed that our tastes change over time and I wonder why that happens.
      Thanks for sharing your experiences. 🙂


  4. J.

    I once gave up coffee for just about a year. True story. Aside from the early day headaches I honestly didn’t feel any different. I say brew yourself a big ol’ cup of your favourite coffee and put your feet up!

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  5. I chose yes on the poll becuase I was curious. I drink 2 cups a day, in the morning.
    Sometimes a third in the late afternoon if I feel tired. My stomach can not handle too much caffeine.
    I tried switching to decaf once and it wasn’t good. I got grouchy and groggy from the withdrawal. Not a good combo.
    I say wait until the 60th or 90th day and have an Irish coffee.

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    1. Thanks for voting, Brian! Curious minds are awesome. 🙂 I’ve heard of sensitivity to coffee/caffeine. Could it be the brand or particular roasting process?
      I’ve tried decaf here and there, usually in the evenings, but don’t really care for it. Maybe it’s psychological (for me). Grouchy seems very unlike you and groggy isn’t a good way to spend the day. Definitely not a good combo.
      I like your plan!


  6. An interesting experiment! Odd that, other than the headache of withdrawal, there’s no other effect. No lack of energy? No lessening of mental clarity? Hm. Maybe you didn’t drink enough coffee before cutting it off for there to be a noticeable change?

    I say good luck in whatever you choose to do! Just make sure it’s living a beautiful life!

    Myself, I do enjoy a cup of black, black coffee (or three). Funny, I didn’t drink it at all, in my younger years. It was in Saskatoon I picked it up, people would offer it to help warm you up!

    And, because I do this every time this topic comes up, here’s a fave tune of mine:

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    1. Hi Aaron,

      Yes, no other effects seems very counter-intuitive doesn’t it? You may have hit on the key variable! I usually have a couple of cups per day. I’ve been known to drink 5 or 6 cups, but that was some time ago and these days would be the exception.

      “Just make sure it’s living a beautiful life!” I like your style! 🙂

      Agreed, the blacker the better! Saskatoon…interesting! There is a group of most awesome bloggers who used to live in Saskatchewan. Staying warm is crucial!

      A most fitting little ditty — thank you! Who needs coffee when we have Black Flag?


    1. Hi Brad, I can see how tea would be the way to go in the UK. Mochas are wonderful and must be delicious around the world!
      Tis the season, indeed! Can you believe that I haven’t had a gingerbread latte?
      Happy trails, Brad!

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  7. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I think life is too short. Why would I want to live to be 100 and miserable the whole time because I keep denying myself things for the sake of living “healthy.” I would rather go out at 65 and eat, drink and do things that make me happy and have lived a full life.

    That being said, I am a firm believer of moderation. While 5 or 6 cups of coffee p/day is probably bad for you but 1 cup, meh probably not a big deal. Live long and prosper!

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    1. Wise words, Vic! After all, how much fun is it to say…okay, day 29…no coffee…. Living a full life is key. Otherwise, what are we here for?
      Moderation in all things is a grounded approach. Live long and prosper! 🙂

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  8. I don’t know how to vote!
    I was a coffeeholic for may years. I cut down to 1 in the morning. That’s it.
    It’s all I need. That 1 cup is so special, and delicious that it is premium alone time. I won’t ruin that.
    (My cup is on the large side!)

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    1. I know, it’s a challenging question!
      Do you feel better, healthier somehow, having cut back to one cup? I can see how rationing would make it all the more special. I agree that if you’re only having one cup then it needs to be on the large side!


  9. I’m not a coffee drinker…I’ve never enjoyed the smell…so the only way I can relate to this was my detox from Diet Coke over 15 years ago. For a long time I used to drink 2 or 3 20 oz. bottles every day. I started thinking that I had become addicted to the caffeine, and since I don’t like to be addicted to anything (other than music, of course) I decided to go cold turkey. Within 24 hours I had a blinding headache & felt sick to my stomach. I gave it one more day and felt even sicker. Wondering if I had come down with something, I decided to guzzle down one bottle of Diet Coke and within 15 minutes I felt great. I gave in to the addiction for another month before finally weaning myself off slowly (sadly, with Caffeine-free Diet Coke). It took another year or two before I finally broke free of my everyday soda habit, and now I can have one occasionally without feeling like I might fall off the wagon.

    I voted “Yes” in your poll since I think you need to give it a little more time to analyze the effects, or lack thereof. I’m curious if you’ve replaced the coffee with anything else. Tea? Soda? Water?

    I hope you have a positive outcome, and can eventually return to your love of coffee with no ill effects.

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    1. That’s a good comparison, Rich. I like Diet Coke with lemon, although I don’t have it very often. Liking or not liking the smell of coffee is interesting…I like the smell, and wonder how much of a role body chemistry plays? Might it be influenced by one’s alkaline levels?

      Thanks for voting and I’m also thinking that more time is necessary. I’m drinking water instead. Plain water. I also have the occasional cup of green tea, perhaps 2 – 3 times per week. What do you normally drink through the day? Water and chamomile/herbal teas?

      Thank you! So far there are no noticeable effects. Perhaps 1 – 2 cups of coffee per day is negligible?

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      1. I think caffeine affects people differently. I had withdrawal from trying to stop drinking that much, so still drink it. I also get an upset stomach from too much, where others do not.
        I could not drink coffee before bed or I would lay awake. My brother however can drink coffee and not be kept awake.
        Different Strokes(“What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?”) for different folks.

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        1. You must be on to something. I don’t remember having an upset stomach from too much coffee. The only effect I’ve had is not being able to sleep, but even that is rare and takes many (many!) cups and quite possibly is influenced by other factors.
          Your usual coffee day of 2 cups, with an occasion 3rd, seems to be in line with this experiment. That could be the threshold of no ill effects. Although you had intolerable withdrawal…so, maybe there is more to the science.


      2. I’m a big proponent of “you can never drink enough water.” I try to drink at least 3-4 large glasses of water each day, with the occasional Sobe Lifewater for some flavor. I also love tea but rarely drink it during the day. For a long time the belief was that coffee didn’t count for your daily fluid intake, but I believe the so-called experts have changed their minds about that. As for your 1-2 daily cups of coffee, that would be enough caffeine to affect you, so I’m surprised you haven’t noticed any big changes this past month. Please keep us posted.

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        1. It’s important to stay hydrated — I’ve also read that coffee now counts for your daily fluid intake. I haven’t tried Sobe Lifewater… oh, “All Teas & Fruit-Flavored Elixirs” — I like elixirs. 🙂 I’ll have to try some.
          You’re surprised too…I did expect some type of change or symptoms or system breakdown. Maybe it will take more time. I’ll keep you posted.


  10. I decaffed my life five years ago. I found out that caffeine, for me, was a huge trigger in my anxiety disorder. When I decaffed, I realized I’d pretty much been poisoning myself for the better part of my adult life!
    I drink one, sometimes two decaffed coffees in the morning. I tell you the big difference (beyond reduction of anxiety attacks) has been that while I very much enjoy my morning coffee, I no longer freak out about it if we’re out or we’re somewhere without it. I just get a juice or a tea and go on with my life, lol — this is unfathomable to old me. She would not be okay.
    I can have a soda here or a ‘real’ coffee there, in the earlier part of the day, and sometimes I need a little push, but it’s rare. I don’t miss it.
    I say it’s good for you, in moderation, as I think most things are. Dependency is never a good thing.

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    1. I’m glad that you discovered it was a trigger. Isn’t it amazing, the damage we can unknowingly cause ourselves? Poisoning sounds extreme and I’ve heard it can be essentially that for people.
      The no-coffee freak out! I’ve seen some funny episodes in coffee shops. (“What do you mean you don’t have the Sumatra?? I’m going to have to wait 5 minutes?!”)
      I haven’t had much decaf, ever, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. It’s interesting that you don’t miss it. In this past month, I can’t say that I miss coffee either. Maybe I’m too distracted by the lack of noticeable no-coffee effects.
      Thanks for sharing your experience, Joey. It’s enlightening.

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      1. If you’re off of it. I’m glad.

        I only drink it because it helps me to ground my mind.

        It doesn’t taste good. It can be three days old…just give me the caffeine.

        Beyond that I try to avoid it because it can have a bad effect on people who already have problems with anxiety.

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        1. Thanks, I still haven’t noticed any difference which is surprising. Maybe a solid 60 days will show some results.
          Have you tried tea? It has caffeine and might give you the grounding without the bad effects.


  11. I used to love coffee but now it gives me an instant migraine. I took to drinking decaff but after a recent illness I find that I’ve lost my taste for it. 😦 At least I can still drink hot chocolate. (That’s what I’m drinking now.) Good luck with your experiments. 🙂

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    1. Hi Sarah! It’s so interesting how our tastes change, isn’t it? Hot chocolate is wonderful and I’ve been enjoying some as well. I wonder what the caffeine content is compared to coffee?
      Thanks so much! I’m approaching Day 60!


      1. I’m not sure it’s all about the caffeine – I can drink tea with no problem. It’s a mystery to me really, and more than a little annoying!
        I hope the experiment is still going well. I hope 2016 brings you joy and plenty of tasty beverages. 🙂

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        1. You must be right, Sarah. We need more experiments! This one is still going well, thank you. I haven’t had much tea during this experiment but have enjoyed the occasional hot cocoa.
          I wish you all the very best for 2016, Sarah!

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