The Bitter and the Sweet

Do y’all drink tea?  Use protein powder?  I discovered a new blend — protein powder with matcha!  I love matcha so I’m game.  I scan the ingredients…all the good stuff I look for… but, lo and behold, stevia.  Why?  Whywhywhy?  I don’t gravitate toward sweet foods in general.  It’s challenging to find products that don’t have added sweeteners of some kind:  sugar; glucose; cane syrup; saccharin; fructose; sucrose; sorbitol; sucralose…you get the idea.

Why this mass preference for sweet items?  Is it an addiction type allure cultivated since childhood?  Do we as a species have a low tolerance for bitterness?  Is it an outcome of our larger attempt to mask the bitter and harsh elements of life?

The bitter and the sweet; the symphony of life.  Without the bitter…hmm…are we reducing the amount of bitter?  Or merely disguising it?  If we don’t perceive it does it exist?

Well, you can keep the contrived sweet — give me the bitter.


Bitter Sweet Symphony, by The Verve
Performance:  BBC Television, Live
Album: Urban Hymns
Video posted to youtube by: MrKingsRow

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35 thoughts on “The Bitter and the Sweet

  1. A Ms Danica … label reading has become mandatory in this day and age. I look out for sugar and carb counts and … strange added chemicals that I can’t pronounce on a bet. It isn’t easy “being aware”.
    Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing and my evening smile …

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    1. Absolutely, G! Reading labels is a reflex for me. It’s funny and disconcerting that we’ve created food and other products that are hazardous to our health. So, it makes me laugh as I select products advertising “made from real tomatoes” for example. Not too long ago it would have been baffling to suggest otherwise.
      Thanks so much, G! It’s great to see you, as always 🙂

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  2. J.

    Its hard to find a product that hasn’t been sweetened in some way. Generally when sweetening something we’ve made at home we opt for a dash of maple syrup. Dates are also pretty good…

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  3. I would add that salt is also a huge issue. I try and find low sodium items on the shelf. Just for interest sake, have a look at the sodium content of things such as soup. it is awful.

    I heard that when they say an item is “low fat” it is actually worse for you. Fat in moderation is good for you, and they replace the fat with sugar, so it is actually worse.

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    1. You’re absolutely right! I avoid salt as much as possible as well and I used to love salty foods. The other day, for the first time in weeks, I picked up some of those potato wedges with that seasoned coating. They tasted so salty that I had to wipe them off. Before decreasing my salt intake I wouldn’t have even noticed that amount of salt. Your tastebuds seem to reset themselves based in your diet.
      I used to get those low fat items until I learned the same thing. Full fat content is almost always better for you.


                  1. In retrospect it was very damaging.

                    There is the use of drugs to enhance memory or to cure illness. And then there is the abuse of drugs to escape reality or to bypass the acquisition of social skills.

                    The abuse of drugs often results in emotionally stunted adults with the emotional compulsions of adolescents.

                    There is a large substance abuse treatment center in my neighborhood. It’s a six month program for addicts in early recovery.

                    The most striking thing about the residents is that most of them dress like teenagers regardless of age.

                    I see men in their 40’s and 50’s hitching up sagging pants.


                    1. Very insightful, Rob. That’s something I’ve learned as well — the emotionally stunted adults. Apparently, emotional development stops around the time substance abuse starts. The teenage fashion choices must be universal as I’ve noticed the same in different cities.

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