Black Friday & Cacao Nibs

Wow, why is this store so crowded?  I guess Christmas shopping started early this year.  (Note to self:  avoid all stores until January; learn how to forage for food in the wild.)

While I’m here it wouldn’t hurt to check the nuts, spices and stuff section.  Yes!  Baby!  I picked up the lonely bag of cacao nibs that had been waiting for rescue.

I surveyed other items…I could use a mini silicone whisk for my morning matcha ritual.  My next experiment will be between stainless steel and silicone.  Hmm…should I or shouldn’t I try my luck with the shopping cart obstacle course?  What are the chances a mini silicone whisk is even available?  I haven’t found one mini enough yet…. Nope, I’m happy with my cacao nibs.

Proceed directly to the checkout line.  Do not stop at the shiny things.  Or the other shiny things.  A portable charger!  I could use one of those!  Especially one that is housed in a plush feathery purple pompom!  No.  Put it down and step away from the electronics section.

Really, is shoving necessary?  Where did all these people come from?  Of course.  Black Friday.

I smiled at my impulses and those that are packing every store in the Western world, not to mention the virtual world…why do we want so much stuff?  More stuff, better stuff, the newest stuff.  I made my way past countless awesome inventions and variations on the mousetrap that would undoubtedly make my life better and lead to untold levels of happiness.

All I need is the cacao-nibs-happiness-level.  That’s my suggestion for the upper triangle tip of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  I’m sure he’d agree if he’d had the chance to try them.




19 thoughts on “Black Friday & Cacao Nibs

    1. I have warned the weather network that an upcoming event that looks like a tsunami, tornado and hurricane all in one near Wales is actually just world record estrogen levels.

      I have also informed Hugh Heffner that I have found his successor at the Playboy Mansion.

      But really, no RSD stuff? I bought one RSD thing and will search for more today. I also bought a bunch of used as one chain had 30%off all used, 15% off all new.

      I asked about Iron Maiden, Uncle Acid and Electric Wizard but it seems Canada did not get them.

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    2. Smashing! You’re sure to knock ’em dead! Hopefully there will be a blog post and with photos of said navy blue velvet jacket. 🙂

      I had to stay away from all the clothes! So many beautiful things…I very quickly want-need-must-have items I didn’t know existed 5 minutes earlier, lol…. I give it breathing room instead.

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  1. Great piece, I tried to keep away, but got stuck in the traffic jams caused by it. Am not really interested in the newest objects, would rather spend time walking on the mountains, enjoying nature. I think out here shops made a killing, from the thousands who camped out and rushed in at early opening time.

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    1. Yes, the traffic jams are crazy! You’ve reached a level of Zen, Charles! Walking on the mountains and enjoying nature is one of the very best ways to spend our time, isn’t it? The shops must have made a killing. It’s an interesting sociological phenomenon….

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      1. Yes, in Johannesburg, some people were injured in the rush, and here 2 men fought over a product and police had to be brought in to stop the brawl! Walking in the mountains is great, I love it, or even to sit and watch all the life going on in the great tree in my back yard, which my neighbor cut down a big part of because it went over his property> he had the right, but poor tree! Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


  2. J.

    Cacao nibs! Now you’re talking… I’d get involved in all the Black Friday shenanigans if it involved cacao nibs (and coffee). In fact, the coffee shop around the corner from my work sells ginger and cacao nib cookies. Lordy!

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    1. I know! Can you believe I only recently discovered them? Oh wow, those cookies must be amazing! They would get you through all manner of hectic at work. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season too.


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