He arrived at The Sapphire earlier than usual and the bouncer, recognizing him, discreetly led him to the VIP area.  When he saw Cassandra approach the stage he retreated toward the doors.  He mingled in the shadows against the wall, as though he’d stopped in on a whim and wasn’t sure he’d stay.  Truth be told, he later admitted to himself,  I didn’t want her to see me.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her.  Smoldering, he thought.  More than that, something so unexpected…she was so… in control.  He watched her like he was seeing her for the first time.  The way she worked the room, the spectators, the hopefuls.  The song faded out and he abruptly left the club.  He drove aimlessly until he found himself at The Palace Diner.

I’d have preferred mundanely lewd gyrations to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”* He turned the menu over.  Even crude cliché acts would have been better.  He hadn’t eaten since breakfast.  That could be his problem.  He ordered the cheesesteak sandwich.

“Will your lady friend be joining you?” Khean asked as he brought over a place setting.

“I’m picking her up in a couple hours so we’ll be back then,” Kenneth replied.  I guess that’s settled, he chuckled.  I’ll casually mention that classic anthems are effective, he thought.  I could make a playlist.  That would be a thoughtful gesture, wouldn’t it? he considered.  Yes, he decided.

He felt better already.



*For the uninitiated, here is Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me.


Here is a previous installment of the story:  Cassandra – Part II



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