You are Already Dead – Part IV

Cal let her lead him by the hand.  He hesitated at the top step.

“I’ve got an early morning tomorrow—”

“That’s okay,” she nibbled his lower lip and pulled him closer.

Tonight, the moon is playing tricks again
I’m feeling seasick again

She turned the latch and Cal kicked the door closed behind them.  They stumbled into an overflowing laundry basket before Cal sprawled out on the plush throw rug.  He eased her on top of him.

The whole world could just dissolve
Into a glass of water

“Slow down,” Cal breathed onto her neck as she fumbled to unzip his jacket.

“Why?” she murmured and pinned his wrists.

I’ve been good, ’cause I know you don’t want me to

She laughed at his silence, tasting his skin as she peeled off his shirt.

We’ve been here before
Last time you scratched at my door

He picked her up and pressed her against the wall, clutching her, tighter.

Tonight, the moon’s drawn its curtains
It’s a private show

He groaned, releasing her so suddenly she fell forward.

I’m wanting

“What the hell’s wrong with you?!”

It’s okay

He didn’t try to explain.

The struggle for things not to say
I never listened to you anyway

He grabbed his shirt and jacket and headed to the door.

If you wear that velvet dress
If you wear that velvet dress

A shoe ricocheted off his bare shoulder blade.

Tonight the moon is a mirror-ball
Who’ll catch the star when he falls

The pounding of his pulse drowned his thoughts.

If you wear that velvet dress
If you wear that velvet dress

A driver slowed to wolf-whistle and it was only then Cal realized he’d stormed almost three miles in only his jeans and boots.

I’m sorry

[Lyrics in italics from:  “If You Wear that Velvet Dress,” by Bono, featuring Jools Holland and His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.  Original release:  The Complete Solo Projects.]

Video posted to youtube by user U2 Bootleg and Rare



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