WIP Update #1: Sunrise at The Palace Diner

How’s Sunrise at The Palace Diner coming along, you ask?  By happy coincidence I’m answering that very question today!


Work-in-Progress Update #1

Word Count:  8,000 approx.  I’m rounding down to allow for headings and such.

Word Count Goal:  80,000.  I’m roughly 10% done.  Yay?  I don’t know.  I’m surprised I’ve already written 8,000 words… but 80,000 is a lot more, lol.



Word Processor:  I need to get one.  I’ve been okay without one, until I decided to write an 80,000-word story.

Blog Posting:  I’ve been writing in segments that fit nicely into blog posts.  This approach is excellent for short stories, vignettes, excerpts and such.  It’s not very efficient for writing more lengthy stories.



A cup of tea:  I’ve found that I like writing with a cup of steaming hot black tea (Orange Pekoe or English Breakfast) — brewed very strong with a splash of milk.

Bukowski’s collected letters:  Bukowski’s brilliance flashes and his life circumstances spring into 3-D in his letters, although he didn’t drink tea while writing. 😉


Creative Ideas

I don’t know where the ideas are coming from for this story.  Maybe it’s just time to finally write a longer story?



You guys.  Yes, you.  Thanks again.


Progress Graph

Very special thank to Geoff at 1001albumsin10years for this fantastic progress graph!


25 thoughts on “WIP Update #1: Sunrise at The Palace Diner

  1. Updates make me brain swivel in a GOOD WAY!
    I need to getta cuppa tea. I’ve been okay without one, until I decided to write an 80,000-word story.
    (Hope yesterday’s music education proved to b th inspiration u were looking for 😉
    Keep up th good work!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Do they say that? I didn’t know! Thank you! I wrote another scene today and can’t say where it came from. Maybe it’s getting easier!
          Thank you SO much for the awesome graph! I’m going to get to a proper internet connection so I can add it to the post. You’re the best, Geoff! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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