Though I Know I Shouldn’t Call

Her phone rang.  Damn!  She was coloring her hair — permanent dye solution all over the place — and would risk staining if she answered.

The number wasn’t familiar.  She let it go to voicemail.  It was probably telemarketing anyway.  Weren’t there laws about that?  When she finally finished her hair she’d forgotten about the call.

It was later that night she heard his voice.

Hey it’s me what a big surprise
Calling you up from a restaurant ’round the bend
His guitar.
Just got in from way up north
I’m aching tired now, and I could use a friend
“He has a spidey sense that I’m over him.”
I might be a fool to think that you do
Want to see me again
She was moving in with Cameron.
I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked to you
Nothing wrong, just nothing ever goes as planned
He was looking at ring designs.
Many times I thought I’d call
I didn’t have your number in my hand
She was thinking of a fall wedding.
I know it’s true, you’d never do
The same thing to me
Summer was too crowded with weddings.
I never meant to make you cry
And though I know I shouldn’t call
Besides, they both liked cooler weather.
It just reminds us of the cost
More of everything we’ve lost
They hadn’t made their engagement official.
Bad timing, that’s all
And maybe soon there’ll come a day
Her phone beeped with another call.
When no more tears will fall
We each forgive a little bit
But would as soon as the rings were ready.
And we both look back on it
It’s just bad timing, that’s all


“Hey babe, I called on my way over,” her boyfriend opened her front door.  “You didn’t answer.”

She put down her phone.

“Is the rest of your stuff ready to go?”  He’d borrowed a truck.

She’s beautiful, he thought, with her tear-stained face.

“Are you okay?”

“Give me a sec, Jack!” she snapped.

Her boyfriend froze.



[Lyrics in italics from:  “Bad Timing,” by Blue Rodeo.  Written by:  Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor.  Original release:  Five Days in July.]

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