Kenneth – Part III

Kenneth exited the conference call, hoping the architects’ drawings would arrive in time for the City Planning Commission meeting.  He looked at his watch and picked up the phone to call the contractor.  Someone was already on the line.

“Hello?” he asked.


“Who’s this?”

“Did I catch you at a bad time?”

Finally!  “How are you?”  He swivelled his chair to look out the window.

“Good.  On my way to class.”

“I’ll see you later for dinner?”

“I’m off tonight.”

“In that case how about I pick you up at 7:00?”

She smiled. “Why don’t we meet somewhere?”

“Let’s meet at the Center for the Performing Arts at 6:30.”

He speed dialed his ticket broker for the Cirque show.  Afterward?  Somewhere low-key.  Live music?  He made reservations for the late dinner seating at Vespers.

He leaned back in his chair and completely forgot about the contractor.




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