Kenneth – Part IV

“You’re kidding!” Todd stared at him.

“I’m completely serious.” Kenneth replied.

“Who cares if she doesn’t like jazz?” Todd asked.  “I don’t think any women like jazz.”

“At this stage, I know what I want.”

“And that’s jazz.”


Todd shook his head, sighing. “Like a buddy.”

“I don’t want to settle.”

“You should be so lucky to settle for a hot woman who overlooks your paunch.”

Kenneth looked down at his waistline.

“Sorry,” said Todd and Kenneth waved his hand in forgiveness.  “Your ever-expanding paunch,” Todd continued.

“I want someone who understands what stirs my soul.  And I, hers.”

“Tell me you’re not about to use the term ‘soulmate’,” Todd said.

Kenneth was silent.

“Where does she work again?” Todd asked.

Don’t you dare.  Kenneth shot him a warning glare.

“Pick another soul stirrer.”




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