Hank the Hedgehog!

Hank the Hedgehog!

Look out, Cat!
Look out, Dog!
Here I come
Hedgie hedgie hog!


Welcome to my first blog post!  Typing is harder than it looks, lol.  My name is Hank and I suppose I’m ok with that.  I don’t come when called anyway, that’s just not my style.

My ancestors are from Nigeria and I might visit one day.  I enjoy being exotic so I’m not in any rush.  I like being an African pygmy hedgehog, rather than just a plain ol’ little hog in the hedges.  I especially like the sites devoted to celebrating the awesomeness of me and my kind.

My best feature?  Undoubtedly, my quills!  I have thousands and they’re sharp!  Haha 🙂  I might be small — I weigh under a pound — but I’m in charge.  I like to hiss, jump, growl and pop.  Scaring bigger critters and those huge humans is fun!  It’s also a great defense mechanism should I ever need one.  I’m pretty sure I could take on zombies.

I love green tea!  I caught the fragrant aroma while lounging in my bath one day.  Fast like lightning, I jumped onto the saucer and slurped it up!  I haven’t been able to find any since then but I’m on the lookout.  I also love chicken and mealworms!

I can often be found running around, exploring and listening to music.  I listen to music all night and discovered a classic rock radio station that keeps up with me.  I’ve taken over some Skullcandy headphones — they actually go well with this heart fleece.  I also like hiding and burrowing, especially in the heart fleece.  Curling up in it makes me purr, but don’t tell anyone.

P.S. I am not a rodent!


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