The Thrill of the Bedding Department

With a smile on my face and spring in my step I make my way to the bedding department.  I have a plan:  p-i-l-l-o-w-s!  They’re not necessary and that makes the prospect all the more sumptuous.

Ahh… I stroll among giant bins overflowing with offerings… feather, down, memory foam, micro bead, body contouring, buckwheat… .  Would it be considered bad form to climb into the bins?  And the pillow cases!  Silk, Egyptian cotton, velvet, organic bamboo, linen… yes, yes, yes!  I run my fingers over them, Which would make the best addition?

I notice a white-haired wheelchair-bound man looking at comforters stacked on shelves against the wall.  He’d been in the same spot for a while.  I have a hard enough time reaching things on shelves and I could imagine the difficulty from a wheelchair.  “Can I get something down for you?” I ask him.

“I can’t decide which one,” he says.  He appears to be 85+ years.

“What’s your favorite color?”  That’s as good a place as any to start.


“This one comes with a bed skirt.”

“What’s that?” he asks.

“It’s a ruffle that goes around the bed.”

“Do I look like I need a ruffle on my bed?”  His mild indignation makes me laugh out loud.

“Okay,” I say.  “Those ones are comforters only.”

He stares at them, lost.

“Is it a comforter you need or a duvet?”  I look around but there are no sales staff.

“I want to get something my lady friend will like,” he says.

“Really.” I say, hoping my surprise isn’t too obvious.  Then I notice he’s actually in a motorized scooter and has a set of sheets in his lap.  He also has bags of other purchases in his front basket and at his feet.

“In that case,” I say, “I’d get this one.”

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“Yes,” I reply.  “It’s the prettiest and it matches the sheets you’ve chosen.”

“Does it?”

“Here,” I point out the colors in the pattern that exactly match the sheets.

“I didn’t even notice that.”

“This isn’t one you’d pick for yourself, so she’ll know you were thinking of her.”

He nods and beams a smile at me.  “Thank you.”

I pull it down from the shelf.  “Will you be able to see over it?”

“Where there’s a will there’s a way!” he declares as he maneuvers his parcels, sheets and comforter.

“True.”  No doubt.

He waves and his motor whirrs as he speeds off to the cash register with his love nest accoutrements.

I turn back to the pillows…waiting…waiting… .  Nope, *le sigh*.  The thrill is gone.  Commandeered and overflowing from a runaway motorized scooter.

Time for brunch, I think, looking at my phone.  Proper shopping should only be done after lovely eggs benedict anyway.




12 thoughts on “The Thrill of the Bedding Department

    1. Thanks so much, Brad! Your kindness and generosity are much appreciated. 🙂
      I love your Song a Day Challenge selection. The only thing better than the weird and wonderful is a newly discovered weird and wonderful. I’m still laughing about the salad ordering faux pas. Thanks for the link.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi Baby
    What a great shot of paying attention to others, there needs, and leaving more satisfied. I have a stalker now, disappointed you thought about me and it’s to much right now. After two years in bed, I’m learning to walk, about a week. With the overflow of toxic drugs tapering off my head is clearer, it’s been a long time coming.
    I did have a song come to mind, hope next time I can fully participate.
    Thinking about you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Please take good care of yourself, M! You’re facing a lot of challenges but I know you can overcome them all! I wish you strength and peace.
      There’s no time limit to the Song a Day Challenge so please participate whenever you’re able. You can also post a song here and there…it doesn’t have to be consecutive days. Whatever works for you.
      I hope you have a relaxing and happy weekend.


    1. Haha 🙂 Vinyl records are definitely deviant!
      Thank you — I’m happy that you like it. The experience was a little surprising and heartwarming.
      Brunch was delightful. We should institute mandatory brunch breaks.
      I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. 🙂

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