Human! Are You Listening to Me? (by Hank the Hedgehog)

Hey, how have you been?  Hank the Hedgehog here.  Have you ever met alien species?  It’s disorienting to say the least.  Here’s how it went down…

I’m relaxing in my bath when I notice a new flower growing over the edge of my tub.  I mosey over to get a better sniff.  The weirdest thing happens — I smell silicone and plastic!  I figure I must have broken my nose when I tried burrowing my way out of captivity… I get closer and sniff with all my might.  Still no flower smell!

Finally, I get a whiff of lavender but realize it’s only the bottle of soap beside the flower.  The good news is my sniffer works after all.  Then it hits me!  This flower is some sort of alien species.  I had to alert That Human.

“Hey, there’s something wrong with this flower!”

h1 - pst

She doesn’t seem to hear me.  Finally, I holler at her.

“Human!  Are you listening to me?”

h2 - pst

She just sips her matcha tea — which she no longer shares with me by the way!  I’m calling the SPCA as soon as I figure out how to dial the number on her cell phone….

h3 - pst


SPCA:  Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


6 thoughts on “Human! Are You Listening to Me? (by Hank the Hedgehog)

  1. Hey, I hear ya, lil fella
    Paws fer thot: humans can be quite awkward @ times – they can still bristle me fur somefink rotten!
    But don’tcha fret, Danica there is 1 of th few special exceptions – stick wiv her an’ u’ll be juzt fine: u’ll see!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, thanks, man! You’re sure right about humans being awkward — hope you’re doing ok. I’m hatching my next escape plan… I’ll signal you if I make it to freedom.
      Hmm… now that you mention it That Human has come up with some tasty grub….
      Thanks for checking in. We critters need to stick together.

      Liked by 1 person

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