Got That Bee-atch ‘Cross the Way fer You, Punnkin’

“Swapped out the muffler fer a glass pack on the ol’ Shelby.”  He chortled as he dumped cornflakes into a bowl, scattering some across the counter and onto the linoleum floor.  “Got that bee’atch’s 7:00 am wake up call!”

“You shoulda seen her face when she slammed her window shut!”  He heaped spoonfuls of sugar on top of the cornflakes and doused it all with milk.

“Cain’t fer the life o’ me remember what went on b’tween yous two.”  He shook his head as he took her favorite teacup from the cupboard.

“An’ it don’t matter none.”  He carefully measured then stirred honey and milk into her tea.  Balancing the cup on the matching saucer, he carried it over and set it gently beside her, stroking the side of her urn with the back of his fingers.

“Shor do miss you, punnkin’.”



11 thoughts on “Got That Bee-atch ‘Cross the Way fer You, Punnkin’

  1. This was very “in character” slang and language wise. Sad and touching. . .
    Such a great twist on this one, Danica! I fell behind on reading but started on the last post I had pressed like and came up to the present. Happy 4th, dear friend! Mom who is 88 liked this one! She had her world lit classes read anything from Shakespeare to Henrik Ibsen (“A Doll’s House” for Feminism in the ’70’s) including “Malcolm X” (for Civil Rights) and “Out of Africa.” 😊 📖 📚

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    1. Thank you, Robin! I’m thrilled that you like this one, and particularly so that your mom does as well. I take that as a huge compliment, especially given her background! What a great reading list, too.
      I really appreciate that you took the time to catch up. Happy 4th to you as well. I hope it’s extra special for you and your loved ones. 🙂

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      1. It’s definitely a great week, Danica! Mom and I have been reading part of my big pile of books, as well as I went with my artist brother to a new brewery where they treat him like a rock star. The “soft opening party” for families of the brewers, investors and workers was fabulous! I enjoyed meeting many people with such positive energy.
        Happy rest of the week, hope it’s a blast! 🎆

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        1. Big piles of books are a great joys in life! That soft opening party sounds like a ton of fun! I’m glad your brother was treated so well. Events with so much positive energy are definitely special.
          Thank you and hopefully there’s a lot more in store for you. 🙂


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