Trygghet for Anaya [Beauty of the World]

She could smell the thick, hazy air as she danced in jammed mosh pits with Olle.  His blue eyes flashing dark and velvet.


And feel the cool, clear water dripping from Matthias’ long golden hair as they skinny dipped.  His skin shimmering under the ripples.

“What is the most important quality in your future husband?”

And see the easy, carefree smile spreading across Nils’ face as they awoke.  His long legs tangled in the sheets.

“Bring some cucumber water for her nerves.”

Her friends were sure she’d never return home.  Much less agree to an arranged marriage.

“What is the most important quality in your future husband?”  They repeated.

“Trygghet.”  She said after a few minutes.

They raised their eyebrows.

“Something I learned in Sweden.”




Beauty of the World:  In this series I use an “untranslatable word” in a story.
These wonderful words capture the beauty of languages around the world.


Untranslatable Word:
Trygghet (Swedish, n.):  security, safety, confidence, certainty, trust.



For more wonderfully untranslatable words, see:




12 thoughts on “Trygghet for Anaya [Beauty of the World]

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I’m delighted you’re enjoying it!

      Excellent question. We can be certain of a few things in life, but when it comes to people… can we ever really know another person? How well do we know ourselves, for that matter? Which raises an interesting point: if we don’t have certainty, can we have security, safety, confidence and trust? Perhaps it comes down to probabilities and degrees. Or, maybe, ignorance really is bliss.

      “Certainty of death tabulated in the usual annual way” — this should be my new celebration! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. On a beautifullifebinge now (enjoying it immensely!), hoping it will inspire th Scribe’s own scribblins – it USUALLY does!
    Thank u for telling me to press on w my novel – been working on more plot developments this wk (will send u Links of revised drafts in due course)
    Bless u

    Liked by 1 person

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